Free to play games

Ikariam () ( , , )

Ikariam   GENRE: Free to play Strategy MMO PLATFORM: Web Browser DEVELOPER: Gameforge OVERVIEW Ikariam is a free to play strategy based MMO where players must earn resources, build up… More »

Game of Emperors () ( , , )

Game of Emperors Game of Emperors is a Free to play and accessible via Internet browser, Game of Emperors is an MMO where players step into a world of rival… More »

Lords & Knights is an innovative free-to-play strategy building MMO
Lords & Knights (, ) ( , , , , )

Lords & Knights Lords & Knights is an innovative free-to-play strategy building MMO in a medieval setting that can directly be played in any web browser, iOS and Android devices… More »

Tribal Wars 2 () ( , , , , , , , , , )

Tribal Wars 2 Free-to-play Cross Platform MMO RTS Developer: InnoGames Platform: Android, iOS and all browsers OVERVIEW Tribal Wars 2 or TW2 is free-to-play cross-platform MMORTS that focuses on real-time… More »

TERA () ( , , )

TERA is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG from developer Bluehole Studios, and publishers En Masse Entertainment and Gameforge. Genre: Free to play MMORPG Platform: Windows, Mac, Consols Developed By: Bluehole Studio… More »

Grand Fantasia () ( , , , )

Grand Fantasia Developed by X-Legend Entertainment for Windows. SYNOPSIS Set in a vast fantasy world Grand Fantasia is a free-to-play MMORPG that gives players a number of intriguing and unique… More »

Wargame 1942
Wargame 1942 () ( , , , )

Wargame 1942 This free to play city management and war strategy game is set during World War II where players must build up their own base of operations, constructing various… More »

Shaiya Phoenix () ( , , , )

Shaiya Phoenix PLATFORM Windows DEVELOPER Aeria Games SYNOPSIS A free-to-play MMORPG, Shaiya Phoenix is set in high fantasy where players will align themselves with one of two might factions and… More »

Big Farm Free to play Farm Management MMO
Big Farm (, , ) ( , , , , , , )

Big Farm – Goodgame Big Farm is a Casual MMO Free to Play Farm game Big Farm : You begin life as a new farm owner, thought what you have… More »

Heroes & Generals () ( , , )

Heroes & Generals Heroes amp; Generals is an online war game with multiple game modes accessible from multiple platforms. Play the game as the hero on the battlefield in the… More »

Star Conflict () ( )

Star Conflict Developer: StarGem Inc. Platform: Client OVERVIEW Star Conflict is a free-to-play dynamic space MMO action game that puts players at the helm of a space ship to fight… More »

Forge of Empires (, ) ( , , , , , )

Forge of Empires   Forge of Empires is a browser based free to play city strategy game that allows its players to build up a mighty civilization and battle it… More »

Seafight () ( , , , , )

Seafight In Seafight players take control of their own ship as they make their way through 50 seas across four environments, which include arctic areas, tropical lands and lava filled… More »

NosTale () ( , , , , , )

NosTale   NosTale is a free-to-play anime MMORPG in which players head off to an exciting adventure in a land full of secrets as they master dangerous missions, tame wild… More »

Dragon’s Prophet () ( , , , , , )

Dragon’s Prophet Be transported to the realm of Auratia a mystical land where dragons roam free in this fantasy MMORPG. Explore the in-depth relationship between dragons and humans, discover the… More »

Pirate 101 () ( , , , )

Pirate 101   Pirate 101 Developer KingsIsle Platform Windows Overview A free to play Pirate themed MMO, Pirate 101 is extremely child friendly and encourages players to band together and… More »

Legends of Honor () ( , , )

Legends of Honor GENRE: Free to play MMO Real Time Strategy PLATFORM: Web Browsers DEVELOPER: Goodgame Studios OVERVIEW Legends of Honor: In this medieval themed RTS players rule over their… More »

Fiesta Online () ( , , )

Fiesta Online Fiesta Online is a 3D free to play Anime MMORPG developed by Ons On Soft, Gamigo is the publisher for Fiesta CHARACTERS The warrior is utterly fearless. He… More »

Last Chaos () ( , , , )

Last Chaos Last Chaos is a free to play fantasy-themed MMORPG that offers a rich history and dozens of features that have been added over the years. With quest-based progression,… More »

S4 League Videos
S4 League () ( , , , , )

S4 league is a free to play MMO third person shooter with a sci-fi theme, fast and furious combat set to a futuristic backdrop where you get to play against… More »

Farmerama () ( , , , )

Farmerama Farmerama is a browser-based, free to play, mmorpg where you live as a humble farmer. Make the best of life and carefully tend your greatest asset: your land. YOUR… More »

SkyRama (, ) ( )

SkyRama In SkyRama, the free to play cooperative browser MMORTS, players must run their own airport and can work alongside players from all over the world sharing cargo, air shows… More »

Pirate Storm () ( , , , , )

Pirate Storm DEVELOPER Bigpoint PLATFORM Internet web browser BACKGROUND Take your place as a pirate of the seven seas, sending your enemies to a watery grave and seeking out glory… More »

Gladiatus MMORPG Free-to-play
Gladiatus () ( )

Gladiatus is a Free-to-Play strategic MMORPG game browser-based As a Gladiator the player must arm themselves and do what it takes to earn gold to train up their skills and… More »