ARK: Survival of the Fittest

ARK: Survival of the Fittest

GENRE: Free to play Multiplayer Online Survival Arena - MOSA
PLATFORM: Windows, PS4
DEVELOPER: Studio Wildcard


ARK: Survival of the Fittest is a free to play first person arena battle simulator. Placing up to 100 combatants in a wilderness arena and forcing them to survive and fight with only one person remaining. In battles players will be able to craft various items and weapons and tame wild dinosaurs that roam around this futuristic forest arena to use as mounts and battle pets.


- Massive battles with up to 100 players
- Exciting survival based gameplay
- Craft weapons, armor, structures and more
- Tame wild animals to fight alongside you
- Action packed PVP
- Changing arena conditions make the environment more deadly
- Free to play


The core of the gameplay is a last man standing battle royal of the future where combatants are dropped into a huge wilderness covered island and forced to fight to the last man standing. Craftable actions are sped up so players can quickly build campfires, huts, harvest resources, craft weapons and more whilst still in the middle of the battle to try and gain the upper hand on the other player rivals, equip themselves and prepare for combat, whilst trying to survive the elements.

Players are able to play on Unofficial servers where they can play for fun and the experience, whereas Official servers cater to ranked play and allow players to level up and compete against the rest of the community for rank and rewards.


Prior to each map players are able to make their characters, designing their appearance and choosing the name that they will go by during the battle. During this time players can create their own tribe or join another players’, thereby indicating they are allies working together (making it the last tribe standing as opposed to the last player). Games have different rulesets allowing for only single player free for all, teams of two, or much larger tribes.


The moment every player character drops into the arena then it is every man for themselves and the battle to the death is on. Away from where players land is a stage with dozens of parcels for players to collect, giving them access to tools, weapons, armor and items that they would otherwise have to craft and thus giving players a headstart. However, it is dangerous to try and get these packages as players quickly end up at the whim of those who found weapons.


Players aren’t the only threats in the game, the wilderness is filled with hundreds of dinosaurs, some passive but others are extremely aggressive. The environment itself can cause issues and players must make shelter to protect them from the harsh sun or the cold nights, and as with other survival games players need to find food and drink to keep them healthy. Throughout the battle key events are triggered which can create anything from a swarm of killer insects attacking every player to all dinosaurs suddenly being aggressive, making the land considerably more dangerous; as well as this the outer wall of the arena periodically shrinks, making the fighting area smaller and killing everyone that doesn’t manage to get out of that area quickly.


One of the key elements to survival is gathering up resources from the land, or from fighting dinosaurs, and then crafting dozens of items. Everything from tents, cooked food, armor, bows, pickaxes, shotguns and more can be made during the game with players earning levels and new techs that allow them to quickly evolve the complexity of their builds to get the edge on both the rival players and the elements.


Dinosaurs in the game can be tamed, requiring meat to feed them, players can tame and level up these creatures as both mounts and battle pets; taking a T-Rex into a fight is an exciting and terrifying sight to see. Players can tame entire packs of Dinosaurs and use them to overwhelm their opponents when they come across them in combat.


O/S: Win 7, 8 and 10
CPU: Dual Core 64bit 2GHz
Video: GTX500 or above
Sound: Compatible with DirectX
DirectX Version: 10


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