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F2P News 16/11/2017 | 6:55

Gameforge and developers Bluehole are presenting their November 2017 update to the successful fantasy MMO TERA Free-to-Play. This update offers exciting features for newcomers and veterans alike, bringing an expansion to the Gunner class, plus the hard mode of the… More »

11/10/2017 | 15:48

GENRE: Free to play MMO Brawler PLATFORM: Windows DEVELOPER: Naddic Games OVERVIEW Closers is a free to play MMO brawler where players can choose from a variety of character classes… More »

21/08/2017 | 15:49

GENRE: Free to play CCG PLATFORM: Windows / Mac DEVELOPER: Cygames Inc. OVERVIEW Shadowverse is a free to play card collecting game (CCG) that offers some unique gameplay mechanics. Battle… More »

07/08/2017 | 6:44

GENRE: Strategy / CCG (cards) PLATFORM: Windows DEVELOPER: Hi-Rez Studios OVERVIEW A chess like board game strategy combined with card collecting game (CCG) mechanics Hans of the Gods is an… More »

25/07/2017 | 10:49

GENRE: Sandbox FPS PLATFORM: Windows DEVELOPER: Bohemia Interactive OVERVIEW A standalone total conversion of the popular FPS strategy shooter game ARMA 3, Argo is a PVP oriented free to play… More »

21/07/2017 | 14:39

GENRE: Free to play MMORPG PLATFORM: Windows DEVELOPER: PixelSoft OVERVIEW Global Adventures is a free to play MMORPG where players join the Treasure Hunters Association and journey around the world… More »

17/07/2017 | 8:54

GENRE: Free to play MOBA PLATFORM: Windows DEVELOPER: Ronimo Games OVERVIEW A free to play 2D platform MOBA where players fight in 3 vs 3 matches using a wide variety… More »

03/07/2017 | 8:28

GENRE: Action RPG PLATFORM: Windows DEVELOPER: Funcom OVERVIEW Secret World Legends is a free to play Action RPG where players take on the role as agents of powerful factions battling against various… More »

23/05/2017 | 13:02

OVERVIEW A free to play action-combat MMORPG, Kritika Online is a fantasy based title where players find themselves in a world taken over by an oppressive ruler that rules over… More »

18/05/2017 | 9:41

GENRE: Free to play Platform Beat-em-up PLATFORM: Windows / Mac / PS4 DEVELOPER: Blue Mammoth Games OVERVIEW Brawlhalla is a 2D side scrolling platform fighter game where players can battle… More »

26/04/2017 | 13:57

GENRE: Free to play Hero Building RPG PLATFORM: Web Browser DEVELOPER: AMZGame OVERVIEW A browser based fantasy RPG, Chronicles of Eidola gives players a story driven adventure set in a… More »

17/04/2017 | 15:41

GENRE: Free to play FPS PLATFORM: Windows DEVELOPER: ID Software OVERVIEW A blast from the past with the previous Quake title being released in 2005 (Quake 4), Quake Champions brings… More »

If you want huge free to play MMOs with vast lands to explore such as those seen in most MMORPGs, or detailed graphics in an F2P Shooter, or tons of features options then you’ll want a client based MMO that offers a free downloadable game. The bigger the game world the more information developers need to cram into the title, which means a client that plays straight from your computer. With more free MMO games going down the browser game route only the biggest AAA titles can afford to go with a client, and we painstakingly use up our internet bandwidth and hard drive space downloading these games to bring you extensive information on their features, videos of gameplay, screenshots and handy links to the games official site where you can download the client for yourself and, more importantly, play it for free. With client based games being more common, as they have been around for years, our list tracks back through dozens of titles over the years, showing the best free MMOs.