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Free to Play Action MMO
Ironsight (, ) ( , , , , , )

 IronSight Free-to-Play MMO FPS, MMO First Person Shooter   Overview Free to play IronSight is an exciting and fast paced first person shooter title that throws users in the middle… More »

World of Warships () ( , , , , )

World of WarShips Free2Play action naval combat MMO Genre: Free to play Naval Combat MMO Platform: Windows Developed By: Wargaming Overview From the makers of world of tanks and world… More »

God Wars () ( , , )

God Wars OVERVIEW God Wars is a free to play team building strategy RPG, God Wars sees players take on the role of a summoned champion tasked with putting an… More »

Elsword () ( , , , , )

Elsword   Genre: Free to play MMO Platform: Windows Developers: KoG Overview An action packed MMO with an smooth combat and simple-to-use controls, racked up in a unique graphical style…. More »

Metal Assault () ( , , , )

GENRE: Free to play 2D Platform Shooter PLATFORM: Windows DEVELOPER: GNISoft OVERVIEW Players can fight as four playable soldiers and battle through story driven campaigns and PVP battles in Metal… More »

Neverwinter () ( , , , )

Neverwinter Developer: Cryptic Studios Platform: Windows SYNOPSIS Neverwinter is a free-to-play action MMORPG based on the acclaimed Dungeons & Dragons fantasy roleplaying game. Epic stories, action combat and classic roleplaying… More »

Trove () ( , , , , )

Trove   GENRE: Free to play Building AdventureMMO PLATFORM: Windows / Mac / Web Browser DEVELOPER: Trion Worlds OVERVIEW Trove is a sandbox voxel based adventure where players can explore… More »

Nova Raider () ( , , , , )

Nova Raider GENRE: Free to play MMO Space Shooter PLATFORM: Windows, Web Browser & iOS DEVELOPER: Sublinet OVERVIEW Starting out life as an inexperienced pilot of your very own fighter… More »

One Piece Online 2 () ( , , , , , , )

One Piece Online 2 GENRE: Free to play Tower-defense ARPG PLATFORM: Web Browser DEVELOPER: JoyGames OVERVIEW OnPiece Online – A fast and fun pirate themed, RPG OnePiece Online revolves around… More »

Let it Die () ( , , , , )

Let it Die GENRE: Hack and Slash PLATFORM: PS4 and PC DEVELOPER: Grasshopper Manufacture OVERVIEW Let It Die is a free to play third person action RPG where players try… More »

Rainbow Saga () ( )

  GENRE: Free to play MMORPG PLATFORM: Web Browser DEVELOPER: NGames OVERVIEW Rainbow Saga offers browser-based gameplay in a beautifully designed anime world of adventure; players can choose from a… More »

Felspire () ( , , )

Felspire GENRE: Free to play MMO RPG PLATFORM: Internet Browsers DEVELOPER: 37Games OVERVIEW A free to play RPG title, Felspire is a browser based adventure where players take charge of… More »

Our huge list of free action RPG MMOs allows you to look through some of the best action based RPG games available, from the brand new games to some old classics that are still around. If you like the action MMO type genre then there’s a wide list of games to check out, with full detailed profiles, features, screenshots, videos and more showing the action packed gameplay of some great free to play games. Whether you like running around killing zombies in an online action shooter, using super powers or magic to blast your way through waves of enemies or playing a Sport MMO the list has something for everyone. We make a point of trying out all our titles to get an idea of the gameplay, whether they’re browser based RPGs or downloadable clients, we have all the up to date information you’ll need to find out which title is best for you. With such a wide use of the online action MMORPG title we make it easier for you to find out which games truly deserve the title due to their intensive gameplay and action packed fun.