Let it Die

Let it Die

GENRE: Hack and Slash
DEVELOPER: Grasshopper Manufacture


Let It Die is a free to play third person action RPG where players try to battle their way through a futuristic south Japan after a cataclysm that has broken off part of the island that now drifts into the sea, shrouded in fog a tectonic plate shift forced a huge Tower into the middle of the island. The game focuses on action based combat, acquiring gear and advancing through the storyline and levels of the Tower to take on greater challenges. The game is most definitely adult themed, with content, graphical gore and offensive language.


- Action based combat
- Stunning graphics and gory combat visuals
- Dozens of items and weapons to discover and equip
- Level up and unlock new character classes as you advance
- Your fallen fighter appears as an enemy in other players games
- Raid other players bases
- Craft all types of items
- Free to play
- PS4 Platform


Starting with no gear players must fight through a tower filled with abominations and monsters, lead by the charismatic skateboard riding Grip Reaper-style “Uncle Death”, adding in elements of comedy, creepiness and combat to the title. As characters advance through the Tower they earn XP that allows them to improve their character, pick up new abilities, increase their damage resistances to various attack types, and generally make them more powerful so that they can survive the later content. The environment is a huge open sandbox area where players can head in different directions, unlock new areas and discover hidden places.


Combat is very action focused where players must use the controller to run, dash, dodge and roll around the area trying to actively dodge incoming attacks, whether melee attacks from monsters claws, huge axes, or even ranged attacks with firearms (enemies can also inadvertently injure each other). Different weapons do different types of damage, and different armors are better or worse at negating those types of damage, so players must pay attention to what opponents are wearing and manage their weapons choices carefully.

By unleashing a barrage of attacks players are able to make their opponents “groggy”, in this state they are extremely vulnerable to a coup-de-grace, a gorey finisher that will rip the enemy into pieces and players get even higher rewards for such a kill. Careful though, enemies can also do this to the you!


When players die they are able to use a new fighter, stored in the Waiting Room, with new fighters purchased from a fighter depot. By levelling up and reaching new floors in the tower, new “classes” are unlocked which give players access to a wider range of abilities and combat styles. Once a character is killed in their journey up the Tower, then they are “permanently” (of a fashion) dead and put in the freezer. However, players are able to acquire Kill Coins to bring their characters back to life, which can be acquired with a new character. Depending on which floor the character reached/died on, increases the cost to revive them so that character on higher floors facing the hardest content are considerably more expensive to bring back.


One of the key elements of the game is that upon a player’s death their own “death data” is then put into other player’s games where the now dead character will appear on the floor they died as an NPC AI controlled opponent called a “Hater”. By killing your own Hater with a new fighter then that character is recovered and stored in the Fighter Freezer, however, if they are left alone to fight other players then the owner of the Hater gains rewards from any kills they make; Hater’s can be identified by their orange name and they are far more powerful than other normal PVE enemies.

The Tokyo Death Metro (TDM) is where players can battle in different teams to protect their own base, using characters to defend it from other players whilst they are offline from raiders. Raiding is performed on another players base when they are offline (so there is no actual PVP) where they can destroy parts of the base and acquire extra resources based on how much damage they did, how many defenders they killed, and how successful they were in their Raid earning points, rewards and Kill Coins.




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