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18/04/2014 0

GENRE: Free to play Farming MMO PLATFORM: Web Browser DEVELOPER: Ten Square Games OVERVIEW Let’s Farm is a free to play browser-based MMO where players can build up their own… More »

F2P News 0 18/04/2014 | 8:26

  Check out our first look and play of Hi-Rez Studio’ action third person MOBA Smite where players are able to choose from a wide selection of immortals and gods from various mythologies and pantheons in a team focused base… More »

0 17/04/2014

  We took some time out to try the third person MOBA from Hi-Rez studios: Smite, a battle between gods… More »

F2P News 0 17/04/2014 | 15:22

  Gameforge has released a new gameplay trailer for its upcoming free-to-play TCG/RPG, HEX: Shards of fate, highlighting the first game phases. Moreover, starting from now, everyone can register for the beta on the official site. In HEX, players can… More »

F2P News 0 17/04/2014 | 14:10

  Blizzard has finally launched the iPad Version of Hearthstone, Heroes of Warcraft, its free-to-play digital TCG based on the Warcraft universe. If you already are a PC player don’t worry, as the game is completely cross-platform. To celebrate the… More »

F2P News 0 17/04/2014 | 13:26

  Perfect World Ent. unveiled today Blood Harvest, a new upcoming expansion for its free-to-play MMORPG, Forsaken World, which increases the level cap to 90 and introduces a new class: the Reaper. “Between the Reapers and the new level cap,… More »

F2P News 0 17/04/2014 | 11:41

  En Masse has announced that its new online TPS,  Zombies Monsters Robots (known as Hazard Ops in Europe) is going to enter its closed beta in May. The ZMR closed beta will offer a taste of the overwhelming amount… More »

F2P News 0 17/04/2014 | 10:55

  The new content update for War Thunder is finally live. The 1.39 content update adds to the game user generated content, Squadron Battles and an early access version of Ground Forces, the long awaited expansion. From now players wil… More »

F2P News 0 17/04/2014 | 9:45

  Check out our video where we take a look at the new voxel based sandbox construction adventure MMO MyDream developed by the similarly named MyDream Software Inc. This new Minecraft-esque builder RPG has currently reached its Kickstarter crowd funding… More »

0 17/04/2014

  We took a look at the DC Comics themed MOBA Infinite Crisis, developed by Turbine, where players get to… More »

F2P News 0 17/04/2014 | 7:28

  Perfect World unveiled a new trailer highlighting the first three of the ten playable classes for its newest MMORPG Swordsman, currently in development. The game will arrive in Euope and Nord America later this year, in the meanwhile, take… More »

Giveaways 0 16/04/2014 | 15:43 is teaming up with Troxit Servicies Limited to offer you another great free items giveaway for Panzar! This time we are going to give away 100 free crystals for each code! Step 1. Make sure you never miss a giveaway,… More »