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Giveaways 0 04/08/2015 | 14:06

  Today we have for you a special giveaway for IGG’s free to play card mobile game Deck Heroes. The game is currently available for Android, iOS and Amazon, and it gives players the option to create their own deck… More »

0 04/08/2015

Recently we took out a little time to give a little more time and attention to World of Fishing from… More »

Articles, F2P News 0 04/08/2015 | 9:02

For our newest “What Would You Change About…?” we’re taking a look at Cryptic/Perfect World Entertainment’s scifi MMORPG Star Trek Online; a game that has had its ups and downs over the years but still remains one of the more… More »

F2P News 0 04/08/2015 | 7:31

  Coming to PC and consoles in 2016, Paladins is Hi-Rez’s new free to play team-based shooter. At its core, the game is a shooter, but it will also feature strategy and in-match character progression through decks of collectible cards,… More »

Best f2p 2015, F2P News 0 03/08/2015 | 19:23

August is here and it brings a new Top 10 Browser-based games. We have a newcomer, Nords: Heroes of the North, Plarium’s newest title, and another that comes back after being displaced a few months ago: Pirate Storm. We also have a… More »

Giveaways 0 03/08/2015 | 12:11

37Games’ latest browser-based title, Felspire, begins its Closed Beta today, August 3rd, and we have a giveaway just for you, in case you want to test this fantasy-themed 3D MMORPG with classic character progression and fast-paced gameplay. Each pack includes… More »

0 03/08/2015

  This weekend we checked out the new MMO Duelyst currently in beta, a combination of card collecting game /TCG meets… More »

Giveaways 1 03/08/2015 | 7:59

  Today we are giving away some interesting items for the mobile version of Forsaken World, available for both iOS and Android. For those interested, the mobile version has been built using the very same engine that was used in… More »

F2P News 0 03/08/2015 | 7:34

  The latest expansion for Warframe is available on PC, introducing a completely overhauled movement system, a new underwater world, a new warframe, new weapons, a new quest and new customizations (such as capes). PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players… More »

Articles 1 31/07/2015 | 14:38

Next in our F2Pmeter… Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard’s exciting MOBA where players are able to step into the shoes of the main characters, heroes and bad guys from the different Blizzard IPs including Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo and (though there’s… More »

Articles 0 31/07/2015 | 8:22

  Summoner’s Legion, the free to play browser Card Collecting Game, is up for our F2Peer Review, a very different take on the card games that many players might be used to (Hearthstone, Hex, Magic The Gathering, etc.) and incorporated… More »

F2P News 0 31/07/2015 | 8:00

  “Crucible of the Gods” will arrive in Skyforge on August 11th. This update, the first big one, will introduce the divine form, high-end content such as invasions or raids, feature enhancements and bug fixes. The long-waited Divine Form will… More »