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F2P News 0 04/05/2015 | 14:58

  We checked out Plarium’ futuristic empire building strategy recently Total Domination, a free to play browser MMO that transports you to a distant bleak future where the Earth is nothing but a wasteland and rival military outposts help, trade… More »

0 04/05/2015

  This weekend we tried out a more extensive play through of free to play browser RPG Game of Thrones:… More »

F2P News 0 04/05/2015 | 8:46

  ESTSoft has released the final video in the feature-focused series of CABAL 2. In this new entry, GM Icee gives us an overview of the multiple PvP battlefields available for all the players in the game. CABAL 2, sequel… More »

Articles 0 30/04/2015 | 16:14

  Hawken, the fast-paced free to play MMOFPS available through Steam, is the next game facing our F2Pmeter. In this game, players pilot massive war machines that are completely customisable as they engage in cooperative and competitive gameplay modes. The… More »

Articles 0 30/04/2015 | 11:38

  For our next “Imagining MMOs” we take a step away from the fun, friendly and family orientated Mario Bros style kids MMO from our last article as things get a little darker and a little more brutal as we… More »

F2P News 0 30/04/2015 | 10:41

  Suba Games‘ free to play FPS Mission Against Terror (also known as MAT) just got a massive content update, introducing to the game new features, a new interface and vehicle combat. The addition of vehicles further expands MAT into… More »

F2P News 0 30/04/2015 | 9:19

  Some months ago we published a review, but this week we decided to took some time out to play Anno Online again and record it. This title is a free to play browser city building MMO where players embark… More »

Giveaways 15 30/04/2015 | 8:20

  Recently we published a review. We got the chance to play this third person moba / tower defense title and really enjoyed it, but now it’s your turn (if you’re in Europe) to have some fun testing Orcs Must… More »

0 30/04/2015

  This week we took out a little time to do an extended test run of Total Domination from Plarium,… More »

F2P News 0 30/04/2015 | 6:00

  War Thunder‘s newest content update, Weapons of Victory, is now live, introducing to the iconic MMO WWII game over 40 new vehicles and three new maps. The development team has prepared an exclusive series of vehicles called “Weapons of… More »

F2P News 0 29/04/2015 | 16:08

  The world of Dragon’s Prophet adds today a brand-new region, Sitheran, a poisoned wastelands for characters from level 103 upwards. But that’s not all. The latest content update introduces to the game two new Adventure Dungeons, a raid dungeon,… More »

F2P News 0 29/04/2015 | 15:21

  Strap on your seat belts because Truck Nation is ready for the Open Beta. From now on, everbody is welcome to play Travian Games’ newest browser-based game. After a six-week Closed Beta, the game is now prepared to open… More »