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F2P News 0 23/10/2014 | 9:04

  Aeria‘s latest free to play MMOFPS, F.E.A.R. Online, has been released on Steam. Just in time for Halloween, players can now return to the classic horror series and play on the game platform if they want to.      … More »

F2P News 0 23/10/2014 | 8:18

  Travian Games has just unveiled a new title, Truck Nation, coming next year. The company will publish its second transport-strategy multi-platform game on Spring 2015, developed simultaneously and with equal functionality for browser, Android and iOS. Lead Designer Gerald… More »

F2P News 0 22/10/2014 | 15:14

  As time goes by we are discovering more details about the upcoming modern tank combat MMO, Armored Warfare. Today we just got a new trailer that shows off Cold Strike, a new map where players will have to face… More »

Interviews 0 22/10/2014 | 11:56

This week we got the chance to talk with Sergey Orlovskiy, CEO of Nival and Executive Producer for Blitzkrieg 3, about their upcoming World War II themed strategy new title. In case you don’t know it, this new MMORTS paints… More »

Giveaways 15 22/10/2014 | 11:15

  We have a new opportunity for you to get a key and play the Closed Beta of Survarium, the post-apocalyptic free-to-play MMOFPS in which you’ll have to fight against enemies in a world destroyed by an ecological disaster. This… More »

F2P News 0 21/10/2014 | 15:36

  A new content update has been released for Heroes & Generals today. Titled ‘Spaatz’, it brings a new skirmish map, new weapons, a new battle briefing screen, improved battle reports andlimited army resources. Also all players can now communicate… More »

Giveaways 0 21/10/2014 | 13:37

  Have you ever wanted to command an army or to be the lord of a grand city? In Hero Commander you can do both. The Open Beta begun last week and today we have for you this giveaway, which… More »

0 21/10/2014

  We recently checked out Trove from Trion Worlds, the open world sandbox voxel adventure where players are able to… More »

Articles 0 21/10/2014 | 7:43

  Here we are again with a new episode in our F2Pmeter series. Buckle up because this time World of Tanks‘ free-to-play-ness will be put to the test. In case you don’t know it, World of Tanks is a pretty… More »

Giveaways 0 20/10/2014 | 16:02

  The Three Kingdoms period was one of the bloddiest in all the Chinese history, and that’s precisely where Warlord Saga is set. Today we have for you this giveaway, offering you item packages to begin your adventure in the… More »

0 20/10/2014

  We recently sat down and played the new first person shooter Dizzel from OG Planet, a fast-paced modern’ish near-future shooter… More »

F2P News 0 20/10/2014 | 13:14

  Funcom has just published a brand-new video showcasing LEGO Minifigures Online‘s Space World and giving a look at what players can expect out of it if they join the Railhead Rangers to take down the aliens and their omnipresent… More »