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Giveaways 0 24/10/2014 | 15:55

  Weekend is about to start and we are about to give you something to make it more interesting and exciting. If you ever wanted to play Drakensang Online, this is the right time. We are giving away 5€ value… More »

0 24/10/2014

  This week checked out Might & Magic Heroes Online, the newest browser-based MMORPG meets tactical combat strategy game from… More »

F2P News 0 24/10/2014 | 10:56

  Pagel’s Invasion, the largest Fiesta Online expansion pack of all time is now available, and adds more than 1,300 new items such as accessories, class-specific armor, weapons, and more than 300 exciting quests, seven brand-new maps and over 70… More »

F2P News 0 24/10/2014 | 10:06

  World of Warplanes launches a new content update that adds to the game a new line of Tier 5 and higher Russian MiG fighters as well as revamps the currently existing plane roster by adding a new multirole class… More »

F2P News 0 24/10/2014 | 9:25

  The Contemporary Era has arrived to Forge of Empires. Players will have the opportunity to experience a new generation of city building, a range of buildings with an Asian theme. Players can also look forward to military buildings to… More »

F2P News 0 24/10/2014 | 8:51

  Digital Extremes releases today an extensive new update on PC for its sci-fi free to play title, Warframe. This new update, titled ‘Archwing’, takes players to a new world. It includes new weapons, new quests, new enemies, a new… More »

F2P News 0 24/10/2014 | 8:11

  The Full Metal Moon update takes Hazard Ops into outer space, bringing new maps, costumes and weapons to the game. We got some screenshots and a trailer for you, in case you are curious.       This update features… More »

F2P News 0 24/10/2014 | 7:24

  This week we tried out Crusaders of Solaria from R2 Games, a side scrolling fantasy-based RPG where players get to choose from four different classes and head into a world of magic and mystery as the heroes of the… More »

Best f2p 0 23/10/2014 | 14:50

  New Month, new list! Take a look at the top 10 MMORPGs of October 2014! In this month’s list you’ll see that games such as TERA and Aion lost their positions, and Defiance ended up to the very last…. More »

23/10/2014 0

GENRE: Free to play MMORPG PLATFORM: Web Browser DEVELOPER: R2 Games OVERVIEW An action packed fantasy-based MMO RPG adventure with an extensive list of features and real time strategic combat… More »

F2P News 0 23/10/2014 | 9:40

  Rift gets its second expansion today, the first since 2012’s Storm Legion. Nightmare Tide, as it’s been titled, takes players into the Plane of Water where players will face nightmares threatening the existence of Telara. New open-world zones, story… More »

F2P News 0 23/10/2014 | 9:04

  Aeria‘s latest free to play MMOFPS, F.E.A.R. Online, has been released on Steam. Just in time for Halloween, players can now return to the classic horror series and play on the game platform if they want to.      … More »