Runes of Magic Timeless Dungeons 2

Runes of Magic Timeless Dungeons 2
Runes of Magic Timeless Dungeons 2

Fresh from celebrating its 15th anniversary, free-to-play MMORPG Runes of Magic is back with another chapter in its heroic saga. Publisher Gameforge announces that on April 25, players will be able to embark on a tough endgame challenge with Shadows over the Altar!

The second update to arrive as part of the Timeless Dungeon series, the Shadows over the Altar challenge allows Runes of Magic players to rediscover the ancient cult location of the Mystic Altar. Deceptively familiar, this distorted version provides a thrilling challenge as former allies, old enemies, and seven mighty bosses converge in the new instance, Mystic Altar (Hard).

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Exclusively for players whose classes are level 100, have peak levels unlocked, and who have fulfilled the “Knowledge of the Ancestors” quests from Shamar, this stands as one of the greatest challenges in Runes of Magic’s 15-year history.

In groups with a maximum size of 12 players, Runes of Magic’s brave warriors must fight their way to the top in order to dispel darkness. Brand-new boss, Aukuda the Hero, stands in the player’s way, along with bosses such as Razeela, Dorlos, and the Flaming Nightmare, who return stronger than ever on an endgame difficulty.

Those who valiantly progress through the Mystic Altar (Hard) instance will be richly rewarded with powerful gear and other loot. Each destroyed boss will drop loot, while Mystic Chests can be acquired and exchanged with the adventurer Loric for Accessories of the Mystic!

Runes of Magic is available free-to-play on Windows PC via Steam and the official website here - Runes of Magic

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Source: Gameforge - Runes of Magic

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