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F2P News, First Looks, Videos 24/07/2017 | 13:08

  We took a look at Motiga’s hero shooter Gigantic, a free to play MOBA now available through steam and Perfect World’s ARC platform. The game revolves around teams of players duking it out to capture camps and gather points… More »

F2P News 24/07/2017 | 11:52

  Warframe‘s Chains of Harrow update arrives today on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One introducing a new character, new missions, new enemies, new weapons and a graphic overhaul of planet Earth. Harrow, the new warframe, wields divine powers and brings… More »


GENRE: Free to play MMORPG PLATFORM: Windows DEVELOPER: PixelSoft OVERVIEW Global Adventures is a free to play MMORPG where players join the Treasure Hunters Association and journey around the world… More »

F2P News 21/07/2017 | 12:36

  Conflict of Nations receives today a major content update introducing a new team play feature: Coalitions, which allows players to team up and win collaboratively without the fear of being backstabbed. This new gameplay element also allows players to… More »


We were finally able to get a chance to check third person shooter Gigantic, just going into open access on… More »

F2P News 21/07/2017 | 8:56

  RIFT just received a new free content update introducing four new classes, a new zone, new quests and the new raid rifts. Additionally, with the release of this update, the latest expansion, “Prophecy of Ahnket” is now free for… More »

F2P News 20/07/2017 | 11:32

  Motiga’s free to play third person MOBA, Gigantic, is now available through Steam and Perfect World’s Platform, Arc. Originally limited to the Windows 10 store, this game has expanded its world to Xbox One, Steam and Arc. Additionally, the… More »

F2P News 20/07/2017 | 9:17

Griding Gear Games announced that Path of Exile‘s next expansion, “The Fall of Oriath”, will launch on August 4th for PC. This expansion will introduce new acts, new locations, new skills, new items, new enemies and a new skill-customization system…. More »

F2P News 19/07/2017 | 14:20

  MXM (Master X Master) received today a new content update introducing the ranked mode. Starting today, players will enjoy a four week-long pre-season that will reward all participants. Ranked Season 1 will officially begin on August 16. In ranked… More »

F2P News, Giveaways 19/07/2017 | 14:02

  Starting today and until July 31st, 2017, we’ll be giving away free starter packs (worth $15 each) for new users of Conflict of Nations, a modern day browser-based MMO game developed by Bytro Labs in which players get to… More »

F2P News 19/07/2017 | 13:35

  Free to play MOBA Orcs Must Die! Unchained is now available on PlayStation 4. Until August 15th, PlayStation Plus members will receive for free an in-game pack that includes currency, skins, consumables and other items. PlayStation 4 users can… More »

Articles, F2P News 19/07/2017 | 12:01

  Throne: Kingdom at War is a medieval themed browser-mobile strategy game from Plarium. Players get to build up their own city and army and go up against other players in PVP. It’s a feature packed, beautifully designed MMO, but… More »