Nostale Heroes of the Undercity

Nostale Heroes of the Undercity
Gameforge and announce the events for NosTale Releases "Heroes of the Undercity" - One of NosTale’s Biggest Updates

Gameforge has released one of the biggest updates of the year for the popular anime MMORPG NosTale: "Heroes of the Undercity."

Update Act 9, Part 2 continues the captivating storyline that began in December 2023 with "Secrets of the Undercity." Players can look forward to new specialists, epic raids, and adventures in the deep regions of the earth. The new underground world offers secret laboratories, dangerous obstacles, and mysterious challenges, such as the fight against the fearsome giant Arma.

In order to be prepared for these intense battles, there are new specialists for each character class. These new ways to customize your playstyle, as well as the revamped martial artist, offer players even more variety.

Source: GameForge - NosTale

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