NosTale is a free-to-play anime MMORPG in which players head off to an exciting adventure in a land full of secrets as they master dangerous missions, tame wild creatures to turn them into companions and battle enemies alongside their friends.
The game offers varied activities, allowing players to create their virtual home in Miniland, invite friends, have parties or just relax from their exciting every day life as the hero.


NosTale thrusts players into the vibrant game world of Miniland where they embark on a thrilling journey across the continents. They will travel rugged mountains, the frozen Ice Island and dusty desserts in which a gloomy threat is lurking, endangering the peaceful life of the people in NosVille. It’s up to the players to fend off the evil to protect the lively village.


- 3 available classes offering several specialisations to evolve your character
- Lots of customization options for characters and gear
- Thrilling battles in PvE, PvP and raids
- In-depth pet system
- Complex housing feature
- Completely free-to-play


NosTale offers three playable classes for players to choose from, each with their own unique abilities and specialisation options to further evolve your character:


As quick as a flash, Archers use their weapons in close and ranged combat with deadly precision. Knowledge of how to use poisons provides them with additional advantages. Archers evolve to Ranger, Assassin, Destroyer, Wild Keeper, Fire Cannoneer, and Scout.


Equipped with deadly blades, Swordsmen head into battle as brave champions of honour and justice. They are trained in close combat as well as ranged fighting and can make use of the power of the elements. Swordsmen evolve to Warrior, Ninja, Crusader, Berserker, Gladiator, and Battle Monk.

Master of Magic

Mages are able to use the power of nature for their magical attacks. Their mystical weapons can heal or curse. Mages evolve to Red Magician, Holy Mage, Blue Magician, Dark Gunner, Volcano, and Tide Lord.


NosTale features multiple combat options for players to engage in. They may defeat monsters in PvE, team up their friends to go on raids or compete against each other in PvP. Lots of thrilling battles await.


The game incorporates an intricate pet system allowing players to capture monsters and other wild living creatures in order to turn them into pets and have them fight at their side. Being tamed, pets can be trained and used in combat for tactical purpose.


Miniland is a complex housing feature providing players with the opportunity to create their own virtual home. They are able to build a comfortable house, decorate it with flowers and all kinds of other accessories, and grow plants and trees in their own garden.
It’s a personal place where players can enjoy the silence and take a rest from their exciting hero career or share their experience with others by inviting friends and having funny parties.


Entwell Co., Ltd




OS: Windows XP/ Vista/ 7
CPU: Pentium 3 500 MHz or better
RAM: 256 MB or more
HDD: 3 GB or more free space
Graphics card: ATI/ NVidia with 3D support
Network: Broadband Internet connection


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