Summer Events 2024 in Runes of Magic

Summer Events 2024 in Runes of Magic
Summer Events 2024 in Runes of Magic

This year's summer events are starting in Taborea! The inhabitants are enjoying their well-deserved vacation and refreshing themselves in the crystal-clear water.

Exciting events in Runes of Magic will provide plenty of action in the coming weeks! New highlights await every week, including boost events, custom events, and events where you can get your hands on lots of supplies.

Here is an overview of the current and upcoming events:

Even couch potatoes know this Taborean summer is going to be hot. The inhabitants are enjoying a well-deserved vacation and are wading in crystal-clear water to escape the scorching sun. You should also go for a cool swim, because Runes of Magic will be heating up in the coming weeks!

How It Works

Different, exciting events await you each week for the following months in Taborea. This includes boost events, custom events and an event where you can get your hands on many supplies. Don’t miss out on the fun!

Custom Drops:

Date Items Zone
17.06.-30.6. Lakishna Earrings Necropolis of Mirrors(hard) - Chest of Mirrors (Krodamon/Krodamar)
1.7.-7.7. Kulech Bones Nest Setskill Items

Bone Peak Boss 1+3 Setskill Items
Hall of Survivors (normal/easy) - Zygro
8.7.-14.7. Tomb of Seven Heroes Setskill Items

Crypt of Eternity Boss 1+2 Setskill Items
Hall of Survivors (normal/easy) - Zygro
29.7.-4.8. Grotto of Horror Setskill Items Hall of Survivors (normal/easy) - Zygro
5.8.-11.8. Grafu Castle Setskill Items Hall of Survivors (normal/easy) - Zygro

Boost Events

Boost Events start at 0:00 and end at 23:59.

Date XP/TP Drop
13.06-16.06. 300 200
1.7.-7.7 200 -
12.8.-18.8. - 200

Custom Events

Custom Events are active from maintenance to maintenance

  • 25.07.-01.08.: Additional Peak EXP in Training Range (Bunker)

Exchange NPCs

Exchange NPCs will be placed after the maintenance until the next maintenance.


NPC Required Reward
Owenstein Harm III Honor Points
Hilary Shell III Original Sin Essence
Frank Defense III Pet XP Fruit (10,000 Points)

Golden Egg
Eve Strike III Wind/Fire/Earth Elements (Material Package)


NPC Required Reward
Owenstein Magic III Honor Points
Hilary Endurance III Magic Instrument Collection Box
Frank Quickness III Phirius Shells

Dreamland Pioneer Sigil
Eve Vitality III Strange Watermelon Seed

Universal Potion

Phirius Special Water - Type E


NPC Required Reward
Owenstein Mind III Honor Points
Hilary Resistance III Guild Drill Ground Repeat Ticket
Frank Vigor III Golden Sugar Watermelon

Birthday Muffin
Eve Link Rune Mysterious Treasure Chest XX

Phirius Token Coin

Badge of the Trial


Source: Gameforge - Runes of Magic - Summer Events 2024 in Runes of Magic

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