Runes of Magic

Runes of Magic

In Runes of Magic players meet an unusual and secretive creature and begin their adventure to seek out long-lost kingdoms of Taborea, solve their riddles and unlock their mysteries in this wondrous and mystical free to play MMORPG.


Taking on the quest to seek out the myths in the shadow of ancient rune magic are six stalwart heroes; the talented scout, the dexterous rogue, the stoic knight, devout cleric, powerful magician and the fearsome warrior. Together they will unlock the secrets of the land, joining their adventure (in Chapter Elevent) are the wise druid and the seasoned warden.


When beginning their adventure a player can select from one of the above class with the addition of a secondary class when they reach level ten, giving a potential 30 combination of classes available in the game!


Join or create your own guild where you can meet for social activities with your members, share your adventures, plan new ones or ready yourselves for incoming assaults. At level 7 a guild can consider building their own fortress, requiring a contribution from every guild member, as only as a group can a guild hope to pay the construction and upkeep in gold, wood and ore to build their new residence. Once these resources are gathered the guild will gain permission to place the foundations of their fortress and start building, from there they can make plans for how to decorate and outfit their base.


-       New content updates regularly; game modes, races, classes, etc.

-       Engaging and details backstory

-       Personal houses and Guild fortresses that can be fully decorated

-       Involved dual class feature with 30 class combinations

-       Over 1000 quests, both single quests and campaigns with on-going stories

-       Unique armor sets with special bonuses

-       Arena PvP, Guild Wars and Server v Server battles

-       Rank feature and reputation system

-       Instanced dungeons which do not require loading screens

-       Attack and spell combos

-       Personalized skill and spell development

-       Locate resources, shops and NPCs quickly with overhead map

-       Customizable items, upgradeable with hundreds of different available runes

-       Travel around on numerous unique mounts or teleport with special runes

-       Trade and purchase in-game items through the Auction House

-       Atmospheric 3D world

Developed by

Runewaker Entertainment for Windows.


Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz or equivalent
RAM: 512MB or more
HDD: 3.62GB
DirectX 9.0c compatible with 128MB RAM Video Card


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