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F2P News 19/05/2014 | 15:01

  F.E.A.R. Online has just unveiled the starting date for its so-awaited beta, scheduled to begin on May 26. The new incarnation of this popular horror series will offer new maps, a new scenario and a redesigned crafting system compared… More »

F2P News 19/05/2014 | 12:37

  Today we bring you new screenshots and a new teaser video of World of Speed, the upcoming racing free to play title. If you have never been to San Francisco, in this game you will have the chance. The… More »

Articles 19/05/2014 | 10:24

  When it comes to free to play online games you are bigger and get more players than MMORPGs, there is something about stepping into a new world, playing as someone else and finding your own adventures that has gripped… More »

Giveaways 19/05/2014 | 8:22

Today is teaming up with Game321 – NGames Interactive Limited to offer you this exclusive CBT Media Pack Giveaway for Endless Fury. The event goes live on May 27th ,2014!! Gift Pack Contains Silver *100,000, Gold *40, Lv.1 Enhance… More »

F2P News 19/05/2014 | 7:32

  Albion Online, has just unveiled some interesting details about the player-driven cities which will be available in the game.  Players will be able to claim empty cities scattered around the world and make them flourish by establishing trade and… More »

18/05/2014 ,

GENRE: Free to play Platform Beat-em-up PLATFORM: Windows / Mac / PS4 DEVELOPER: Blue Mammoth Games OVERVIEW Brawlhalla is a 2D side scrolling platform fighter game where players can battle… More »

F2P News 16/05/2014 | 9:46

  The PC version of War Thunder‘s Ground Forces Expansion is finally live. The long waited expansion comes with the 1.41 update and makes the tank available to all the players. Right now there are only German and Soviet tanks, but soon… More »

F2P News 16/05/2014 | 9:05

  Forsaken World has just unveiled the official launch day for the newest expansion: Blood Harvest. The major update will go live on May 21, 2014, and will add to the game a lot of fresh new content, such as… More »


  We recently took a look at Panzer General Online, the new collectable card game/turn-based strategy from Ubisoft and the… More »

F2P News 15/05/2014 | 9:22

  A new Assassin’s Creed pack is arrived to Ghost Recon Phantoms. This time every class will have its very own equipment set inspired by the Assassin’s Creed franchise, such as weapons, armor and headgear. “The community response was very… More »

Articles 14/05/2014 | 16:15

  The MMORPG genre has existed for a couple of decades and it’s one of the biggest, it’s appealing to everybody since you get into the shoes of an important character or hero and defeat evil. The gaming market is… More »

F2P News 14/05/2014 | 7:43

  Curse of Icewind Dale, the third free Module for Neverwinter, has finally arrived. Players are now able to explore new zones, mine the new resource known as Black Ice, enjoy open world PvP end a new quest type called… More »