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Giveaways 10/06/2014 | 15:21

  A special treat for our european readers. We are offering you this Basic Party Package for the european version of Dragon’s Prophet. Give your dragon some rest and be the life and soul of the party. This package contains… More »

Giveaways 10/06/2014 | 11:12

  Today we have for you a giveaway for Brick-Force, featuring a Muchacho Pack, a mexican-themed giveaway with some good-looking items, such as dual wield guns, a mexican hat or a moustache. It also comes with a very interesting experience… More »


PLATFORMS Web Browser DEVELOPERS Kixeye GAME SYNOPSIS In War Commander players are the commanders of their own army and are responsible for the construction and managing of their own military… More »


GENRE: Survival MMO PLATFORM: Windows DEVELOPER: Sony Online Entertainment OVERVIEW NOTE: After the split there are no plans to make either H1Z1: Just Survive or H1Z1: King of Kill free-to-play titles. H1Z1… More »


PLATFORM Windows DEVELOPER EA OVERVIEW Need For Speed World is a free to play racing MMO from the popular need for speed franchise where players are able to race against… More »


  GENRE: Construction MMORPG PLATFORM: Windows DEVELOPER: MyDream Software Inc OVERVIEW (Alpha) MyDream is a new take on the block building sandbox style MMORPG games where players can roam a… More »


New World Empires GENRE: Free to play MMO Strategy PLATFORM: Web Browser DEVELOPER: Bytro Labs OVERVIEW This free to play browser MMO strategy is set at the beginning of the… More »

F2P News, Gameplays 06/06/2014 | 8:05

  Are you ready to travel to China? Perfect World has just released a gameplay trailer of Swordsman, their upcoming martial arts themed MMO coming to North America and Europe this year. Check out how the game title looks in… More »

Giveaways 05/06/2014 | 15:59

  This year (tomorrow, in fact), we will be celebrating D-Day’s 70th Anniversary along with Heroes and Generals. The Allied invasion of Normandy is one of history’s most important days, initiating the effort to liberate mainland Europe from Nazi occupation…. More »

Articles 05/06/2014 | 11:26

  We’ve Matched Up two of the biggest action RPG games around right now, the newest iteration of the Diablo series: Diablo 3 (D3) from Blizzard Entertainment, and the new up and comer Path of Exile (PoE) from indie developers… More »

Cinematics, F2P News 05/06/2014 | 9:47

  Getting ready for this year’s E3 (less than a week away, and we’ll be there!), Wargaming has just released a brand-new cinematic trailer for its upcoming naval combat MMO, World of Warships. Also, we have known that we’ll have… More »

F2P News 05/06/2014 | 8:30

  The PC version of Defiance is now officially part of the free-to-play crowd, just in time for the beginning of the  second season of the TV show. The Ps3 and the Xbox 360 versions will have to wait a… More »