[GC 2015] The Echo of Soul’s Companion App

With our outdoor beer garden Aeria Games meeting we talked with their press guy, Sebastian Beiler, about Echo of Soul and what was new in their free to play fantasy MMORPG: Warlocks and Companion Aps was the answer. In the game players can expect to see the new Warlock class at the back end of this year, but, other than him being a mage style caster focusing on damage over time, debuffs and direct damage, there’s not much else at this stage that he could tell us nor we can tell you.

EOS GC 2015 f2p4 EOS GC 2015 f2p1

The companion app, however, had a little more information available to it as he gave us a bit more of an extensive tour through its features, though right now it’s being localized into German, English, and French, but release is expected in October/November 2015.

  • Character Info – Players are able to log in through the ap with their account login and check out their character, switch gear around and generally keep an eye on their stats should they ever need access to them.

  • Inventory – Right now there is an inventory manager in the Asian version, however, we were informed by Beiler that this may or may not make the final release due to the fact that it’s actually not all that stable and there’s been a lot of problems; seems like it might be easier to cut it than fix it (albeit the Asian version will remain).

  • Friends List – Players have access to their in game friends and can talk to them providing they are logged into the game or into the ap itself, similar to Blizzard’s BattleNet software, it makes organizing meeting up and arranging events a lot easier. Combined with this is a social feature for players to take their picture and upload it to their bio page for other players to see.

  • In-Game Mail – A nifty feature will allow players to check their in-game mail from the app, or send mail to other players who are currently logged in and playing the game.

  • Guild Updates – Guilds can now advertise their announcements and news to their guildmembers through the ap, instead of waiting for them to log into the game, so they can be kept up to date with the current changes and plans for the guild.

  • Community Features – Players will be able to access the forums directly through the ap for convenience, but will also have a constant banner visible that will keep them informed of any events, shop deals, updates and new looks that are now available in the game.

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