First Look at Echo of Soul

First Look at Echo of Soul


We recently tried out the closed beta of the North American/European release of Echo of Soul (check out our review), and now we want to share with you our first look video, in which we picked up from level 10 where we get to choose our Sorceress’ specialization and we explore the key features of the game including some Arena PvP.

Echo of Soul is a traditional fantasy-based MMORPG where players get to explore a vast realm as Soulkeepers, Champions of the gods Odin and Frigg sent to cleanse the world from corruption. With many classic features that players will be familiar with including PVP arenas, quest-based content and Dungeons the game ties in an interesting Soul System tying together combat skills, resource acquisition and crafting.

Check out the video and let us know what you think in the comments below!


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