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Echo of Soul Phoenix - EoS Kingdom

Echo of Soul Phoenix is completely free to play MMORPG and sends players on an exciting journey through a fantasy world as a Soulkeeper seeking out corrupt souls and looking to vanquish malign spirits that threaten the world. With elements of PvP, PvE, Questing and Crafting the game is filled with features to please all types of players.


  • 6 Unique Classes each with 2 specializations

  • Craft/trade professions

  • Quest driven content

  • Solo, Group and Infinity Dungeons

  • Companion app to manage inventory, auctions and chat when not in game

  • Free to play


The war that raged between Gods and Giants was brutal, almost bringing the world to an end, instead it was the Giants and their King Ymir that were bested and as they fell so too did the blood of Ymir spill and the corruption that has come to be known as the Shadow Soul began to swell. Now a malign spirit seeks to corrupt and destroy the ancient World Tree and with it all Creation, so mighty champions have been summoned, heroes who can purify the souls that have been lost. You are one such hero. You are a Soulkeeper.


The game revolves around classic MMORPG mechanics where players complete quests, dungeon runs and PVP content to gain XP, level up and acquire more powerful gear and items. With a range of solo and group based content players can focus on exploration, adventuring and even crafting in this story driven epic.


When players kill an evil creature they are able to isolate a Chaos Soul from it, by taking it to a Soul Sanctum they can attain one of four powerful Soul Skill: Innocence, Courage, Hope and Peace, these skills give players powerful buffs in battle.


Players have a choice of 6 original classes:

  • The Warrior - A fierce melee combatant armed with heavy weapons and armour they are able to focus their talents on unleashing powerful attacks as a Berserker or an impenetrable defence is a frontline Protector for his allies

  • The Archer - This wild nomad is armed with both song and bow, able to inflict fast ranged attacks as a long ranged Huntress or bedazzle her enemies and bolster her allies as a Bard

  • The Rogue - An agile and shadowy figure they have mastered the art of brutal and swift executions as a Duellist and mastery over poisons and toxins to paralyse, we can and kill their targets slowly as a cunning Assassin

  • The Guardian - Calling upon the forces of nature and communing with the spirits they can channel their powers into wind and thunder and batter their enemies defences as a Stormguard or use the earth as her protection as an Earthguard

  • The Sorceress - Harnessing the most destructive of the elements this which is a magical ranged caster capable of controlling fire as a Firemage to deal destructive attacks to enemies or hinder and control them with her icy touch as a Frostmage

  • The Necromancer - A powerful character that controls a wide array of mystical unholy powers. Players can choose between Tormentor, which uses curses and spells to do damage over time, and Reaper, a melee warrior.


With a huge exciting world to discover and explore players will also have the chance to try out a variety of challenging dungeons to earn fame, fortune and powerful resources. Dungeons fall in three different categories:

  • Solo Dungeons – Designed for when players simply want to play on their own or if their friends are not online, these dungeons are suitable for single person combat whilst still providing a challenge

  • Party Dungeons – More difficult that Solo Dungeons, these environments will require players working with teamwork to overcome them, both enemies, traps and environmental pitfalls

  • Infinity Dungeon – Randomly generated dungeons that change each time you play them; players get to set the difficulty and take on the denizens within

Dungeons have their own timer that appears on the public leaderboard to see who has cleared a Dungeon in the quickest time.


Players can put down their weapons and try their hand at resource collecting, brewing potions as an alchemist, crafting jewellery from Souls and more in this simple to use crafting system that will help improve the player in combat.


Free to play MMORPG






O/S: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1
CPU: IntelCore2Duo
Video: GeForce 6600
DirectX Version: 9.0c


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