Season 11 Coming to Star Trek Online This Autumn

This Fall, Star Trek Online will introduce a completely new story arc with the release of season 11: New Dawn. This new season will also bring an all-new reputation system, a new admiralty system and many improvements to the end-game progression.

Following the conclusion of The Iconian War, New Dawn will focus on rebuilding and hope, allowing players to discover a previously unknown civilization and the mystery of a strange traveler from another time. It will also see the return of Chase Masterson reprising her role as Mirror Leeta from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Over the past five years, Star Trek Online has delivered an epic tale through 124 story missions,” said Steve Ricossa, executive producer of Star Trek Online. “Our New Dawn story line is a proof point to the growing nature of our game and community as we introduce a new era of Star Trek Online.

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Source: Perfect World Entertaintment Press Release.

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