Twin Saga

Twin Saga is a Free to play Fantasy MMORPG.

Twin Saga is a journey through a fantasy realm of monsters and magic where players step into the boots of the hero of the story, choosing from a variety of classes they must battle their way through numerous environments helping those who need it along the way as they prepare to face off against an ultimate evil. The game sees elements of questing, PVE, PVP and crafting and is a colourful anime style MMORPG suitable for most ages.


- Play as 10 classes
- Switch classes on the same character
- Level up your character and acquire new gear
- Battle in PVP Arenas
- Instanced PVE Dungeons
- Colourful graphics and anime style
- Free to play


The game is a classic MMORPG that focuses on story driven quests with players being the driving force behind advancing onto greater and more challenging content, whether PVP arenas or instanced based dungeons to take on solo or with friends and guildmembers. There are multiple classes that players can choose from, unlocking new ones along the way, and using its WASD or left click controls with numerical hotkey skills players will find a lot of familiarity in the gameplay mechanics. With guilds, player housing and grouping the game encourages social communal play with the thousands of players enjoying the game.


When first creating a character players can choose from three classes: Mage, Gunslinger and Swordmaster, with a fourth Dragon Knight to be added. Each class has five primary abilities that they unlock as they level up as well as three different ultimates they can gain access to, completely changing the playstyle of each class. When players reach specific levels they get access to a class quest that will allow them to unlock one of the other classes, with the classes themselves becoming available in a specific order; the other classes are: Paladin, Berserker, Cleric, Hunter, Occultist and Rogue.

One of the key features of the game is that players can unlock all the classes and play them on a single character, able to instantly switch between any that they have available and level them all up independently; ideal for taking a different approach to an enemy you cannot defeat with one class and being able to try it again with another.


There are numerous ways in which to make your character stronger:

Talent Points – Each time a player levels up they gain a talent point to spend in one of each classes two talent trees, improving their abilities and stats to make them more powerful in combat

Gear and Titles – Whether a sword, shield or reputation, finding new gear and equipping it will bolster a character in combat, similarly unlocked titles can be equipped for other players to see that also give added boosts

Starstones – Finding these powerful items players can infuse them and give themselves powerful boons, the rarer the stone the greater the benefit

Senshi – These loyal companions can be summoned by the player as battle allies to fight beside them, with their own abilities there are a variety of Senshi to discover and even upgrade; whilst Senshi are fairly autonomous players have a Senshi Action Bar where they can summon and dismiss their Senshi, activate attacks and battle stances, or switch between their three active Senshi.


Players gain access to their own player housing, a mobile structure known as a Terracottage. Here players are able to rest up after a long day of questing and fighting and relax with guildies and friends in the Main Hall, which they can decorate with numerous items of looted and crafted furniture. Alternatively they can head into their greenhouse to put their botany skills to the test and grow all types of plants and herbs to be used in the various crafting professions, or into the workshop and put together gear, gizmos and gadgets for their own adventuring use or to sell.

GENRE: Free to play MMORPG




O/S: Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8, 10
CPU: Intel Core2 Duo 2.66 GHz or higher
RAM: 6GB or higher
Video: nVidia GeForce 9500
Sound: Compatible with DirectX


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