Roadmap for Aion Classic

Roadmap for Aion Classic
Roadmap for Aion Classic

The Aion Classic Europe
is giving players a new way to grow their power ahead of a jam-packed content roadmap, while NosTale’s supersized Heroes of the Undercity update is one of the biggest of the year! With summer events for Runes of Magic, too, there’s never been a better reason to stay inside and game with these epic MMOs.

Aion Classic

Details on Roadmap 2024 and Great Update 2.8 Unveiled

On Monday, Gameforge announced Update 2.8: Conquest for Aion Classic Eu. Players can look forward to a comprehensive update full of exciting new features! These include a new battlefield, a new instance, two new skills for each class, and an increase in the maximum level to 58! Additionally, the AION Classic team provided a preview of the roadmap for the MMORPG during a livestream on Twitch. Here's the teaser trailer:

AION Classic Europe 2024 Roadmap – Part II

Event Pass for AION Classic: Exciting Missions and Valuable Rewards

The Event Pass is a great opportunity for AION Classic players to improve their enchantments. To unlock the improvements, players must successfully complete challenging missions. There are different variants of these: daily, weekly, and seasonal missions.

With 2200 Quna, players can secure premium rewards, including high-quality enchantment chests and powerful enchantment stones. A season full of challenges and rewards awaits the community!

Mission periods: June 6 (09:00) to July 1 (08:59 CEST)
Period for redeeming the rewards: June 5 (09:00) to July 3 (08:59 CEST)

Source: Gameforge - AION Classic

Aion is a classic fantasy themepark MMORPG with quest oriented progression in which players can battle through the world of Atreia, a realm shattered into two parts by the Cataclysm that divided the ancient Daeva race into two factions that blame each other for the worlds sundering. With all the standard elements expected of an MMORPG, Aion provides questing, crafting, PVE, instances, PVP, exploration and is all completely free to play.

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