Aion Free-to-Play Fantasy MMORPG


Aion Free-to-Play Fantasy MMORPG

Aion is a classic fantasy themepark MMORPG with quest oriented progression in which players can battle through the world of Atreia, a realm shattered into two parts by the Cataclysm that divided the ancient Daeva race into two factions that blame each other for the worlds sundering. With all the standard elements expected of an MMORPG, Aion provides questing, crafting, PVE, instances, PVP, exploration and is all completely free to play.

Aion is a Free-to-play game you can play on PC, Steam and Consoles.

Aion Free MMO Fantasy Game - Lakrum Aion Free MMO Fantasy Game - Lakrum


- 6 Base Classes
- Two warring factions
- Instanced dungeons
- PVP Arena
- Flight system
- In-depth crafting with multiple crafting professions
- Quest orientated storyline
- Free to play


Aion is a typical feature packed MMORPG with a variety of expansions and updates that have kept it fresh, constantly adding content for new players and is one of the biggest MMORPGs of all time.

Players will create a character, complete quests in order to level up, unlock new skills, acquire new gear to make them more powerful and then face even greater challenges, whether group based or Legion (guild) specific instances or even facing other players in the PVP Arena.

One key area of the game is the ability to fly, with players earning their wings earn in the game once they Ascend; they can use flight in specific Flight Areas , with full vertical flight, each character has a flight gauge lasting sixty seconds before they must glide to the ground, but this time can be increased as players level up and by acquiring certain items and wearable gear.

Flight is useful for traveling around the world, but the game also allows players to battle in aerial combat against AI controlled enemies or against other players in PVP.


Depending on who you ask there are two stories behind what brought on the Cataclysm, propagated and retold by the two factions of Daeva that each have their own side to the story. With the worlds division half of this once single race were plummeted into darkness and after centuries re-emerged as a harsh demonic looking race and came to, whereas their counterparts, the Elyos spent centuries showered by the sun and evolved into an angelic like sub-race.

The differences between the two, both their appearance, culture and belief system have sparked a war that will last through the ages and consume the entire planet of Atreia.


Aion provides 6 playable base classes, with ten possible sub-classes where players get to choose a career focus early on in the game when they Ascend through completing a specific quest:

Warrior – A frontline melee fighter they offer protection to their allies due to their high defense and hitpoints, they can focus on being a polearm wielding Gladiator capable of AOE sweeping attacks or a shield based defensive Templar

Mage – Able to harness the elements in various ways they are a physically weak mid-range fighter but have high damage output; as a Sorcerer they summon the elements directly and wield their destructive forces, as a Spiritmaster they can hinder their enemies by summoning elemental spirits

Priest – Turning to their deity to channel their holy abilities that allow them to heal their companions, as a Chanter they focus on buffing allies and being more combat focused, whereas a Cleric enhances their own healing abilities and ability to remove poisons and ailments

Scout – A damage dealing combatant like the Warrior, but trading brute strength for agility and speed, as an Assassin they focus on high melee burst attacks an eviscerating opponents, but as a Ranger they keep their distance and take out their targets from afar

Engineer – Using technology to enhance their abilities they focus on charged up abilities; the Aethertech career allows them to summon technologically advanced battle mounts, as a Gunslinger they use aethercannons and pistols to deal ranged damage.

Artist - The only class not to have a sub-class, the Muse takes on the ascension career of a Songweaver, they use their magical instruments to heal and buff allies, debuff enemies, and even deal damage making them a very versatile class.

GENRE: Free to play MMORPG




O/S: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10
CPU: Intel Pentium4 2.8GHz / AMD Sempron 2800 or above
Video: NVIDIA GeForce 6600 / AMD Radeon X1550 or above
DirectX Version: 9.0c


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