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F2P News 20/11/2018 | 11:09

Realm of Guardians Beta Release November 19, 2018– Global games publisher Reality Squared Games (R2Games) has announced the release date for their new title Realm of Guardians. Set to launch on Novemver 20th, 2018 at 10:00 am EST, the publisher… More »

F2P News, Giveaways 19/11/2018 | 15:48

Conflict of Nations World War 3 Free Pack New Users. Conflict of Nations and offer for all the new players this Free Pack for the beginers from now to 2on of December 2018. In this Free Pack for Conflict… More »

F2P News 14/11/2018 | 9:39

Farmerama The Great Chase Farmerama from BigPoint offer you this event The Great Chase. In Farmerama – The cheeky raccoons have stolen items from all over the farm! Together with Inspector Mouseau, help find the items the raccoons have masterfully… More »

F2P News 13/11/2018 | 15:19

TERA Update Introduces Talent System, New Dungeon and Elin Brawler GameForge the publisher for Tera Europe; The latest patch 76 coming on 13th November will introduce numerous new features for Gameforge’s MMO TERA. The update introduces the long-awaited talent system,… More »

F2P News, Videos 09/11/2018 | 9:16

Wargaming presents Pagan Online, Wargaming and Mad Head Games Bring Legend, Loot, and Lore to the Action RPG Genre with Pagan Online. Wargaming has announced Pagan Online, an intense aRPG of pre-biblical proportions that pits players against hordes of savage… More »

F2P News, Giveaways 07/11/2018 | 9:47

Call of War Arms Race event plus Starter Pack Good morning Bytro Labs and like to give to our users these great event and promo for Call of War for all the platform’s IOS, Android and browser. Call of… More »

F2P News, Videos 06/11/2018 | 18:20

Conflict of Nations update November 2018 In Conflict of Nations Modern War 3 After much anticipation, we are very excited to see these special, unique characters in every players conquest for world domination. Without further ado, let’s dig into the… More »

F2P News 06/11/2018 | 6:39

Warframe’s New Expansion ‘Fortuna’ Launches on Steam This Week DIGITAL EXTREMES USHERS IN WARFRAME EXPANSION ‘FORTUNA’ TO STEAM PC THIS WEEK Are You Ready, Tenno? Warframe’s Second Open World Builds on Plains of Eidolon’s Success with Exotic Landscapes, K-Drive Hoverboards,… More »

F2P News, Giveaways 03/11/2018 | 7:58

Crossout Halloween Giveaway partnered with Gaijin Entertainment to celebrate the Halloween season in Crossout! You unlock a flag as a decoration element for the vehicle and it will be active for 7 days from the attachment. During this time… More »

F2P News 02/11/2018 | 7:03

War Thunder celebrates 6 Year Anniversary: A free ship for everyone and a chance to unlock the rare E-100 Tank! Gaijin Entertainment invites all fans of War Thunder to join them in celebrating the vehicular combat game’s six year anniversary…. More »

F2P News, Videos 02/11/2018 | 4:48

TERA’s Fiery Featherweights Update Ignites PC on November 13 En Masse Entertainment North America publisher for TERA, a player-driven publisher focused on delivering great games and great service, today announced the newest monthly update for their flagship True Action Combat… More »

F2P News 31/10/2018 | 6:46

WebZen Halloween Event Gift Pack Giveaway and Webzen have partnered up to celebrate Halloween 2018 and score you free in-game items inside YOUR Webzen game of choice. Get your key now while supplies last! WebZen Halloween Event Gift Pack… More »