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F2P News 12/07/2017 | 15:35

  Through the Project Discovery, EVE Online players can join the search for real exoplanets (distant planets outside our solar system) within the game’s virtual universe. This incredible feature is a collaboration between CCP, Reykjavik University, the University of Geneva… More »

F2P News, Giveaways 12/07/2017 | 13:00

  This week we are giving away free items for Odin Quest, a free to play browser-based MMORPG with a norse mythological setting. Grab a code and you will receive the following items: – Safety Token*5 – Lv5 EHC Stone*5… More »

F2P News 12/07/2017 | 10:07 has just announced a new expansion for Armored Warfare: Eye of the Storm. Launching during the Summer, this major content update will introduce new vehicles, new mechanics, a new PvP map (Waterway), changes to existing map so they… More »

F2P News 12/07/2017 | 9:32

  R2Games’ free to play MOBA, Heroes Evolved, has received a series of updates introducing improved server functionality, a clan system, a revamped tutorial, a spectator mode, a recording feature and several new languages. The new tutorial provides players with… More »

F2P News 12/07/2017 | 9:00

  The North American version of TERA has received a new content update, “Dragonsire’s Revenge”, introducing a high-end raid, hard versions of two dungeons and the Summer Festival event. This update brings back the Harrowhold raid. Groups of 20 players… More »

F2P News 11/07/2017 | 15:31

  We haven’t heard about Dirty Bomb in a while (Splash Damage took back publishing rights from Nexon), but the game has just received a new content update introducing a new character, a new map and a new narratively-driven event…. More »


This week we took some time to check out Xyrality’s medieval strategy Lords & Knights. Free to play and accessible… More »

F2P News 11/07/2017 | 9:20

  Following the update to the in-game shop, the Call of War mobile client has been completely revamped. Players can check it out through their mobile browser, and during the Open Beta they will be able to switch between the… More »

Articles, F2P News 10/07/2017 | 12:49

A medieval online strategy game, Tribal Wars 2 is InnoGames’ sequel to their hit browser empire builder: Tribal Wars. In the game players build up resources, troops and alliances and then battle amongst each other to expand their territory in… More »


We checked out the new fantasy browser-based RPG from R2Games, Copia, a team building MMO where we as the protagonists… More »

F2P News 10/07/2017 | 8:09

  At this year’s TennoCon, Digital Extremes announced the new expansion for Warframe: Plains of Eidolon. Launching later this year, this massive expansion will introduce the very first open zone, new creatures, a new warframe, new weapons and new missions…. More »

F2P News, First Looks, Videos 07/07/2017 | 14:26

  We checked our Xyrality’s medieval strategy Lords & Knights; a free to play mobile/browser MMO. Taking on the role of a Lord it is the players job to expand their borders and form a mighty empire. With rival rulers… More »