Call of War strategy game

Call of War Free Starter Pack and event
Call of War strategy game

Call of War, a strategy game set during World War II, offers an engaging experience for players who enjoy tactical gameplay. Drawing inspiration from the classic board game Risk, it immerses you in the clash between the Allies and Axis powers. Here’s what you can expect from this title:

  • Gameplay Depth: Unlike many free-to-play strategy games, Call of War boasts real depth. While the tutorial covers basic mechanics, the true mastery lies in understanding unit counters, employing patience, and crafting grand strategies. The game keeps a sense of realism reminiscent of the classic Risk board game.

  • Territory Control: In each game, you take control of a country and its provinces, which correspond to real-world locations. Your focus is on managing these territories, constructing buildings, and training armies. The makeup of your forces—whether tanks, aircraft, or infantry—matters, as Call of War emphasizes hard counters.

  • Human vs. AI: While the community might be smaller, you’ll still find enjoyable matches. AI-controlled territories balance out the game when there aren’t enough human players. Balancing AI strategies against unpredictable opponents adds an interesting twist.

  • Multiple Approaches to Victory: Craft your nation and choose your strategy. Will you launch an all-out offensive or focus on technological advancements before a late-game push? The flexibility allows you to tailor your approach to each match.

  • For fans of Risk-style gameplay, Call of War is worth exploring. Dive into the largest World War to date, lead your nation, and strategize your way to victory!

Call of War is a free online strategy game set in World War II. It’s developed by Bytro Labs, the same studio that developed Supremacy 1914. In this game, you can take control of one of the nations during the times of World War II. The game is real-time and can be played in multiplayer. You can play it for free online or without download on mobile. It’s also available on various platforms, including Steam and mobile browsers.

Play Call of War for PC, For iOS Call of War iOS and for Android users go to Call of War Android to create a new account

Source: Call of War - Bytro Labs

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