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  • Call of War October 2018
  • Call of War October 2018, news and updates It has already been a few weeks since WebGL is available on beta for our brave frontline pioneers and with the last release, now all players on desktop and Android devices will get to enjoy the new graphics renderer for Call of War. Conflcit...
  • Call of War Achievement Reward System
  • Call of War Update June 2018 Call of War, the achievement reward system is finally live! Players are happy about the new achievement rewards and will also enjoy the profile rework improvements that came alongside other changes. More details about the achievement reward system can be found...
  • Call of War New Players Exclusive Giveaway
  • Call of War New Players Exclusive Giveaway   Recently Call of War received a new content update, introducing a new 1v1 map, several improvements for mobile touch devices and some gameplay adjustments. It's a great moment to check the game out, so starting today, October 18, and until...


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    i want this free game