GENRE: Free to play MMO Shooter
PLATFORM: Windows, Mac, Linux


Robocraft is a free to play MMO shooter that allows players to design and create their own battle robots and pit them against each other across numerous arenas and maps in team based battles. Player can fight in competitive ranked play to earn ranks and rewards, or in more casual unranked play.


- Earn blocks and build your own robots
- Recycle and re-use components
- Battle against other players in team PVP
- Multiple maps and game modes
- Upload designs to the community
- Free to play


The main focus of the game is for players to construct their own battle robots from basic building blocks in their own personal garage, able to create the design of the chassis, equip it with power sources, attach weapons and more and then head into battle. With a variety of game modes and different maps players can battle for ranks and rewards. Robot designs come in all shapes and sizes, with different types of weapons and ways to get around the battlefields, including flight.


Players progressively unlock access to all types of blocks as they play, allowing them more variation in their design but also the ability to create generally stronger robots. With a personal garage space players start out by designing their robot from choosing and placing hundreds of different individual “cube” components in all shapes and sizes with different attributes and components. Cubes come in five categories:

Chassis Cubes – These are the primary structural cubes to build a robot, all other components are attached to the primary chassis

Movement Cubes – These “cubes” allow the robot to move around the battlefield, they consist of everything from wheels, caterpillar tracks, skis, hoverblades, legs and even a variety of aerofoils for flying like a jet or helicopter

Hardware Cubes – Functional components that range from guns, lasers, rail cannons, tesla blades, missile launchers or electroplate armor

Special Cubes – Utility based tools that are useful but considered non-essential, they consist of items such as radars to detect enemies (as well as jammers to ensure you don’t show on enemy radar), Ghost to turn invisible, Disc shields, Blink short range teleportation and more.

Cosmetic Cubes – These cubes make your robot pretty, ranging from decals, vapor trails, cosmetic spikes, masks and lots of other quirky items to make any creation even more unique


Each robot once created is given a tier, determined by the cubes it has in it, with each cube having a set Robot Ranking (RR), all the cubes are added up which gives a cube its final tier, this means players can construct robots with lots of weapons, gadgets and armor of a lower RR, or use fewer, but higher quality (and subsequently higher RR) components and cubes. A Tier 1 (lowest) can have 1000 RR with a maximum CPU of 532, where in comparison a Tier 10 (highest) can have 19,000,000 RR and 7,555 CPU.

The CPU determines how many cubes you can have in your robot, players increase their CPU amount by levelling up allowing them to build bigger and better creations.


There are a number of game modes including League Arena where teams must capture towers and try to destroy the enemies’ reactor. This is the current Ranked Mode game. On the other hand, unranked modes consist of games such as Battle Arena (same as League Arena but not ranked play), Team Deathmatch where the first team to 20-35kills wins, Elimination with a 10 v 10 single death match, The Pit that is a free for all deathmatch.


The maps of the game are fought across three different planets; Earth, Mars and GJ 1214b “Gliese”. Each planet has different arenas to fight across and consist of different terrain types; Earth has hills, valleys and mountains, whereas Mars is an extremely rocky terrain with steep inclines, and Gliese is an ice world with lakes, caves and other bleak tundra.


O/S: Windows [2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10] / Mac OS X 10.7+ / Ubuntu 10.10+
CPU: Dual Core Processor or higher
Video: Supports Shader Model 3.0
DirectX Version: 9.0c



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  1. RoboCraftSuxEpicTrash June 21, 2016 at 1:30 AM -

    Do not play robocraft, the devs and game are horrible. Evidence here, and other steam reviews. Its a dying game. Do not waste your hard drive space or sanity.
    Click link for evidence.

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