Nova Raider

Nova Raider

GENRE: Free to play MMO Space Shooter
PLATFORM: Windows, Web Browser & iOS


Starting out life as an inexperienced pilot of your very own fighter ship players will explore various galaxies filled with enemies, aliens and space pirates. Choosing from five primary different class ships players can customise them, unlocking new gear as they level up as well as gaining access to new features. Nova Raider can be accessed across multiple platforms and is a completely free to play space MMO.


- Five ship classes to experience
- Customise your weapons and ship in detail
- Explore various galaxies and face numerous enemies
- Fight huge Boss NPC’s
- Test yourself against other players in PVP
- Form a Guild and fight to be the King of the Universe
- Free to play MMO
- Cross platform gameplay


At its core Nova Raider is a point-and-click space shooter where players will navigate their spaceship around the map from a top-down isometric perspective able to use their mouse to move around or initiate attacks on enemies. Following various missions that will guide players through the initial tutorial phase where they can learn about the various functions and features of the game players will earn experience points and Uranium resource currency through successful completion as well as the extra gained from enemies that are killed in the process. Levelling up will give players access to new features and the ability to unlock various items and even new ships and the required currency to purchase them.


Once players reach level 8 they will have the option of choosing their designated ship class, each ship having its own array of ship statistics, which will make them better suited towards certain tasks and roles:

Tank - robust and heavily armoured ships utilising heavy shields they are a formidable opponents that can absorb a huge amount of firepower as well as using unique jamming techniques by dropping EMP bombs, though are limited with their attack power

Raiders - trading speed and attack power for defences the Raider gets to their prey quickly, takes them out and gets out of the battle before the enemy has the chance to retaliate; they have the most advanced weaponry available to them but their low defences mean they are extremely vulnerable

Support - not built for front line attacks, neither towards taking damage nor dishing out, the Support is best utilised as a companion to work alongside other players keeping them buffed and healed up as well as dealing with hostile drones

Trader - a savvy Trader will try to avoid combat altogether, most often employed by players in a group or Guild where they have other players able to protect them; these ships have the highest capacity for collecting resources and minerals and so can make more money long-term

Balanced - players have the option of simply playing a Balanced ship, lacking prowess in any of the main ship qualities (Attack, Defense, Support, Trade) they are well-balanced as the name suggests and so have no major vulnerabilities either


Found floating all around the Galaxy as players travel around, or occasionally drops as loot from enemies, players can pick up minerals that once combined can be turned into powerful gems and either equipped into a players ship gem slots to give them passive boosts and bonuses or simply used for profit and sold on the Market.


Uranium is constantly available from a whole number of different sources and is the main in game currency for Nova Raider, players will collect it and spend it on Research to unlock new technologies/gear, purchase new spaceships and typically use it to resupply their own weapon and ammo caches or purchasing repair consumables that can replenish a players hit points.


Players will primarily focus on tracking down and fighting the enormous Boss aliens that can be found around the Galaxy, usually tackled with a group or Guild, these powerful enemies will create one of the greatest challenges in the game. Tactical and strategic PVP is available in the game where players can test the best combination of ships to make their fighting force unbeatable.


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