Trove is a Free-to-Play sandbox voxel MMO based adventure where players can explore an endless amount of randomly generated worlds filled with quests, enemies and treasure to be explored and discovered. The landscape is completely destructible and re-buildable, smashing through walls or deep underground your next adventure may be just under the surface.


-          Hand crafted content and auto-generated zones
-          Constantly new worlds created
-          Voxel based graphics
-          Build your own structures both inside and outside the game and import them
-          Free to play


Players have the ability to destroy parts of the world, built up from voxels, or add to it with their own creations. The interesting aspects of Trove is that a world has and endgame and can be completed, once this is done the world disappears and players will start again in a new one, with a new landscape, new enemies and the new adventure.

The world’s themselves are part hand crafted mixed in with auto generated content as well as porting over the crafted “Cornerstone”, your own base of operations, that players have made in the previous world meaning that your efforts are never left behind. Players have the ability to create structures within the game or using the off-line feature where they can then import them into the game later.

Items created in the game are persistent across all worlds, however they do have a finite life and will become to damage to use after three days, tracked each day a player logs in.


Players will be able to create their own character each of which can be customised to a different look with a variety of different items and gear from both cosmetic clothing to useful weapons, equipment and armour. These items can be earned as quest rewards, discovered in lost chests in the middle of procedurally generated dungeons or even crafted. Clothing items can consist of everything from cowboy hats, Viking helmets, top hats, Cycloptic visor, spooky bone helm, moustache and many more. Players can also get a number of pets to follow them in game and mounts to ride around on!

Players will also have a variety of class abilities to choose from and can earn XP and level up like a traditional MMORPG. Players are not tied down to a single class and can switch them depending on the adventure they currently face.


Throughout the world there are a number of different quests that players can go on, sending them around the world to fight various monsters and creatures in simple yet fun game and click combat until you smash creatures into thousands of tiny blocks using your special attack powers. Quests can be tracked on the world map so that players can find their objectives much more easily.






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