World of Warships

World of WarShips Free2Play action naval combat MMO


WoWS, From the makers of world of tanks and world of warplanes, world of warships takes the battle to the waves in this free to play action packed naval combat MMO. Commanding your own ships sail headfirst into huge, epic battles on the high seas, command your experienced crew and show your strategic superiority against your enemies.

WoWS is for PC for PlayStation4 and XBox One consoles the game is called World of WarShips: Legends - WoWSL

Main Features on WoWS

- Dozens of available ships are divided into three main classes
- Realistic and beautiful graphics
- Skill and twitch-based PVP
- Dynamic weather directly affects gameplay
- A number of warships all with historical accuracy

Strategy and Tactics

Players are able to use a number of strategic manoeuvres within battle; ambushes from cover, flanking manoeuvres or full on head-to-head assaults, utilising a number of different tactics and skills that they have learned.

Roles and classes

The various warships available to command within the game can be broken down into three different class types, each of which has their own specific role within battle. Aircraft carriers primarily gears long distance air support and ensure that they are well away from the actual battle, whereas battleships are more keen to get in the middle of combat with their brute strength, often supported by more agile destroyers that’s band together as a group to perform deadly attacks.

Unique Ships

Each warship has its own strength and a weakness, from firepower, armour, endurance and speed, the strategy comes down to identifying your enemies’ weakness and using your own advantages against it. Chasing down hulking battleships with a group of more fleet destroyers can often tire out the enemy until it is weakened instead of trying to go head-to-head in a direct exchange of fire power. Knowing your strengths and knowing your enemies’ weaknesses and cooperating well with your team is the road to victory.

Massive MMO War

In time world of warships will combine with world of tanks and world of warplanes to create a single community of gamers whose actions and interactions will affect all three games, allowing cross game economics and resources to create a truly unique MMO War experience.

System Requirement


Genre: Free to play Naval Combat MMO

Platform: Windows, PlayStation4 and XBox One

Developed By: Wargaming


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