An action packed MMO with an smooth combat and simple-to-use controls, racked up in a unique graphical style. Play the parts of Elsword and companions as you journey through your adventure tackling quests along the way and witnessing the growth of your character from would-be hero to legend.

Key Features

-          Either through solo play or as part of a group there are hundreds of available quests to and advance your character

-          Compete in rank to play in pvp mode or fight against the enemies in elsword’s world in co-op mode

-          Orchestrate devastating attacks and turn them into powerful combos with this unique five buttoned control system

-          Make your characters unique and powerful with dozens of special weapons, cosmetic items and costumes


 Elsword – Elswords’ power lies in his blade, a sword master that is a formidable melee combatant, both strong and nimble he can deal out powerful hits as well as taking his fair share of punishment, though has a weakness against magic.

Rena - graceful and acrobatic Rena can leap into the air with an incredible double jump, and when backed up against a wall can come out with explosive kicks to tackle her enemies. However her prowess lies within her ranged weapon use and ability to summon the elements forces to power her attacks.

Chung - chunk has made a vow that under his watch no innocent human will ever be hurt, a vow he actively defends with the use of his huge canon known as the destroyer. Laden in armour which he has named the Freitunier, though young and fragile looking, Chung is an exceptional fighter.

Raven - an escaped prisoner, innocent of the crimes he had been framed for, Raven’s life went from bad to worse ultimately landing him with an imperfect Human-Nasod augmentation with his mechanical arm that has drove him insane. Recruited on by Elsword and his companions, Raven hopes to atone for his misdeeds.

Aisha - perfecting the elemental Magic’s as a mage, i.e. shirt is able to wield her power to bring down destructive attacks on multiple enemies, focusing the type of damage she deals depending on the enemy she faces and using that which they are most vulnerable to.

Eve - as a wants highborn Nasod, who use people were dependent on power given to them by the El, when this power was depleted and the war between humans and Nasod began, Eve went into a millennia long hibernation. Accidentally woke and she now hopes to bring back the glory of the Nasod and restore the power of the El .

Ara - Ara is an expert in martial arts, blessed by the abilities of the nine-tailed fox. She has great physical skills, swift attacks and agile moves. 

Elesis - She is Elsword's big sister and mentor, a fearsome knight with a huge claymore sword. 

Add - A male character that focuses on casting, weak against physical attacks but with a dynamic combo system and explosive damage output. 


Players are able to fight each other in PVP using a real time rank structure, but the systems is open enough for casual players to get involved get still providing a challenge for hard-core players to stay at the head of the leader board. As well as the respect and glory attributed to being successful in PVP players can also earn Arena Points and purchase new items in the arena’s shop.


The game is completely free to play and players are able to customise and power up their own characters by purchasing items from the store, using K-Ching as the in game currency there are a number of different cosmetics and boosts players can buy to enhance their gameplay.


Genre: Free to play MMO

Platform: Windows

Developers: KoG

 System Requirements


Operating System: Windows XP
CPU: AMD/Intel 1Ghz
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 6series
DirectX: 9.0C

Operating System: Windows 7
CPU:  CPU: AMD/Intel 2Ghz
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 7series
DirectX: 9.0C


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