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 IronSight Free-to-Play MMO FPS, MMO First Person Shooter



Free to play IronSight is an exciting and fast paced first person shooter title that throws users in the middle of adrenaline fuelled team based battles. Using an extensive list of fully customizable weapons and gear users fight each other across numerous game modes and maps or battle against challenging PVE encounters through its mission system. Set in the near future the setting recognises many icons locations from across the world and provides an insight to a more developed world that uses future tech.


IronSight Free to Play MMO FPS IronSight Free to Play MMO FPS

Key Features


  • Multiple characters to play and customize

  • Hundreds of weapons and equipment items available

  • Customize equipment with accessories and cosmetic skins

  • Exciting player controlled drones

  • 14 Available maps in different settings

  • Various classic game modes

  • Team based PVP or Co-op PVE

  • Free to play



The near-future has reached breaking point as across the world resources dry up and the battle for them in the Middle East has prompted the creation of the Russian devised Energy Development Enterprise Network (EDEN). In 2023 a volcanic eruption and shifting tectonic plates finally sinks the island of La Palma off the coast of North Africa creating a mega tsunami that wipes out the coastal regions of North America and Western Europe. The destructive from the wave and the following damage from coastal power plants have crashed the economic markets.


2025 and the combined forces of North America and Western Europe create the North Atlantic Federation (NAF) to compete against EDEN. Across the fractured world NAF and EDEN battle for resources to stabilize their home nations and governments, using technologically advanced drone weaponry; the end of the battle does not seem to be in sight.



Mechanically and thematically Ironsight provides an experience similar to many other traditional Korean FPS games and shares much in common with its peers. Fast gameplay, kill streaks, customizable weapons and similar team oriented strategy. One of the main unique elements of the game is the use of Drones, which provided an added level of tactical gameplay across the various game maps and combat modes.


Weapons & Drones

As players progress through the game they will be able to unlock and purchase a variety of equipment that they can arm their characters with. Gear comes in all shapes in sizes, from armor, weapons, utility based items and even powerful drones. The weapons are a classical arsenal of pistols, SMGs, sniper rifles and even rocket launchers, which can be augmented in various ways with accessories such as barrels, magazines, stocks and scopes that tweak weapons towards a players preferred combat style. Players can use a variety of thrown weapons that range from knives to EMP grenades to knock out drones and sticky grenades to damage opponent players. In battle players can even get the chance to call down powerful mech suits that will provide them additional armor, combat superiority and abilities. Weapons, and player’s characters, can be customized cosmetically with a variety of skin options and decals for players to add their own personal touch to their avatars.


One of the most important aspects of any combatant arsenal is their drone. These advanced machines can be called in by players in combat and are manually controlled by the player. They come in various types, ranging from a Spy Drone capable of marking enemy players with its tagger so that they are highlighted on the allied team’s map, or missiles based strike drones that allow players to fly around the drone before sending it in on a kamikaze explosion on targets.


Maps and Modes

There are fourteen different maps currently that provide a variety of environments to master, ranging from factories, airports, docks, lab facilities and much more. Weather conditions can affect gameplay and the partially destructible environments and moving terrain objects provide additional tactical options. The PVP modes offer some classic selections such as Search & Destroy, Team Deathmatch and Domination mode, as well as PVE Missions for co-op gameplay.


System Requirement

O/S: Windows 7
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E7500


Video: NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT
DirectX Version: 9.0c

Genre: Free to play First Person Shooter

Platform: Windows

Developer: Wiple Games


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