Metal Assault

GENRE: Free to play 2D Platform Shooter


Players can fight as four playable soldiers and battle through story driven campaigns and PVP battles in Metal Assault, a free to play side-scrolling shooter with fast paced, action packed combat, heavy customization and competitive ranked play.


- 2D Side-scrolling combat
- 4 Playable Characters
- Multiple PVP Maps and Modes
- Long story focused PVE Campaign
- Zombie Horde Mode
- Customizable gear
- Free to play


The game is an old-school side scrolling 2D platform shooter where players can run back and forth around the different stages or battle arenas, moving left and right (A and D), jumping, moving up and down ladders (W and S) and trying to out dodge, roll and duck into cover from enemy attacks. Aiming is handled using the mouse and the targeting reticule in the game determines the direction the character is facing and where they will shoot. The core of the game is to fight through the PVE campaign to earn gear from different stages, build up your character and acquire new items, then fight with other players in competitive PVP matches.


The game features four primary characters that players can choose from, which lend themselves to particular playstyles:

Burton – A tanky front line combatant his high health and damage augmenting skills make him ideal to soak up that enemy team’s damage

Marie – Preferring to keep her distance Marie is a keen eyed sniper that can get the most out of her rifle and long range attacks

Carl – Always charging into the fray with his high mobility he makes an exceptional assault character and compliments Burton

AI – This cute scout is able to recon enemies, seek out hidden enemy land mines, and do her best to support the team

Each character has their own strengths and weakness that can vary not only from character to character but also the different PVP and PVE game modes, their unique skills can allow for a level of customization where players can choose just how to specialize them.


Each character comes equipped with the same starting weapons; Rifle, Rocket Launcher, Sniper Rifle, Shotgun and hand Pistol. The rifle puts out a quick rate of fire than can hinder enemies, shotguns are powerful close quarters weapons, whereas sniper rifles prefer distance and have a secondary zoom/aim mode that zooms a players view in allowing them to potentially get head shots to one hit kill their opponents. The Rocket Launcher is a devastating, but slow, projectile that can do some serious area damage. Each of these weapons takes time to reload in between shots, and so players can switch to their pistol and use it during reloads.

The game allows players to scroll a set distance away from their character to see nearby enemies approaching, but still requires direct line of site with shots, allowing fighters to go prone behind obstacles or maneuver to different levels to avoid being attacked.


PVP allows up to 8 players per team to battle it out in a 16 player frenzy over different maps and a variety of game modes including Deathmatch, Free Battle, Zombie Infection and Capture the Flag. Players will earn points for kills and completing objectives and winners earn rewards after the match as well as rank points if playing a ranked match whereby players can climb up the scoreboard trying to reach the top positions for further rewards and bragging rights.


The game features a long stage based PVE campaign where players can work through the story line either solo or playing in Co-op mode with other players or friends. Stages can be attempted at different difficulties and will reward players with better loot drops and final rewards, making the PVE content replayable. There are different types of mechanics seen in PVE that aren’t seen in PVP, such as the enemy using parachutes to enter battle, or using huge machines such as tanks, planes and robots to destroy opponents, structures and other stage objectives. Players can compete with one another in PVE mode trying to complete the different stages the fastest and earning rewards for doing so.


O/S: Windows XP
CPU: Pentium 4.2 GHz
HDD: 300MB
Video: 128MB vRAM


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