League of Angels II

League of Angels II

LOA2 is a team building RPG that can be played for free in your web browser, players will advance through the game levelling up and unlocking new features whilst building up their own team of heroes to take on various challenges within the game. League of Angels 2 is the sequel to the original with new and improved graphics and some feature upgrades.


- Dozens of heroes to earn
- Train up a team and make them stronger
- Fight in PVE dungeons, against World Bosses, in PVP and more
- Use your strategy to make a powerful squad
- Completely free to play
- Browser based gameplay


The Plague Queen and her Orc Legion have acquired the Might of Valor, a powerful relic that has been able to entrance various Angels and heroes of legend converting them to her side in her goal to become the most powerful force in the world. Leading your own band of heroes the League of Angels has tasked you with defeating these fallen heroes, recovering the relic and stopping the Plague Queen once and for all.


Gameplay is a mix of traditional story driven RPG where players will be able to unlock the story of the Might of Valor and its effect on the world, whilst focusing on team building and combat focused gameplay. Users will gain access to a variety of heroes on their journey and are able to train them up and equip them with armor and weapons to make them more powerful so that they can take on more difficult challenges. Players will unlock new features as they progress, both single player and multiplayer content, and more systems to further enhance their team.


The game has dozens of heroes to discover in the game that can be acquired through different features or purchased; players will acquire a variety of them as the game advances but can get rid of them and convert them into a powerful resource that allows them to get new heroes that may better suit their team. Every hero has a unique role in battle, some will step on the frontline shielding their team and forcing the enemy to attack them, others will make ranged DPS attacks from the backline, or healing support to keep the team alive. Each can be levelled up which will unlock new skills as well as improving their various stats and defenses to make them overall more powerful.


The player, by level 18, will unlock all six character slots for their Squad and can then have a full team roster in combat, able to choose which of their gathered heroes they want to take into battle. As different characters have different abilities and roles there is a strong element of strategy from the players to choose the correct heroes and put them in the correct positions, so that they can capitalize on their attacks and defenses and find some synergy between each other.


Combat is mostly automated and when the player jumps into a battle their assembled heroes will automatically attack the enemy, and similarly the enemy will automatically attack back, when everyone has had an attack then the round is over (there are 25 rounds max in a battle). Players have very little control over their characters and as the battle continues each hero builds up their own rage bar to unleash their heroic ultimate, which the player gets to activate, performing powerful attacks, heals or defensive abilities. When fighting in PVP in the Arena players cannot control their ultimates and they are instantly triggered upon the rage bar filling up, and the entire battle is fully automated.


There are various PVE events available such as fighting in Solo or Multiplayer Dungeons, Arena PVP, or fighting World Bosses where everyone can try to kill the World Boss and gains rewards for dealing the most damage. All events give out rewards which allow the player to enhance and upgrade their heroes in various ways so that they can take on other challenges and even more fearsome enemies.

GENRE: Free to play MMORPG

PLATFORM: Web Browser



Web Browser


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