Free to play games

Robocraft () ( )

GENRE: Free to play MMO Shooter PLATFORM: Windows, Mac, Linux DEVELOPER: Freejam OVERVIEW Robocraft is a free to play MMO shooter that allows players to design and create their own… More »

Battle for Gea () ( )

GENRE: Free to play MMO TCG PLATFORM: Web Browser DEVELOPER: Iron Belt Studios OVERVIEW Battle for Gea is a free to play trading card game MMO that allows players to… More »

Dragon Awaken () ( )

Dragon Awaken is a Free-to-play MMO Browser Game OVERVIEW A free to play browser MMO Dragon Awaken is set in a fantasy realm where players are the protagonists destined to… More »

Stormthrone () ( , , )

Stormthrone: Aeos Rising OVERVIEW Stormthrone: Aeos Rising – An action packed fantasy-based MMO RPG adventure with an extensive list of features and real time strategic combat against players from around… More »

Total War: Arena () ( )

GENRE: Free to play MMO Strategy PLATFORM: Windows DEVELOPER: Creative Assembly OVERVIEW Taking its direction from the rest of the Total War series, Arena is the newest title and the… More »

Might and Magic Heroes Online () ( )

GENRE: Free to play MMORPG PLATFORM: Web Browser DEVELOPER: Ubisoft OVERVIEW Rise up as a mighty Hero in Ubisofts’ newest RPG meets tactical combat strategy MMO, construct your own town… More »

Berserk: The Cataclysm () ( , )

  GENRE: Free to play Card Trading Game PLATFORM: Web Browser DEVELOPER: Bytex OVERVIEW A free to play card collecting game that players can access directly through their web browser… More »

Closers (, ) ( , , , , )

Closers OVERVIEW Closers is a free to play MMO brawler where players can choose from a variety of character classes and duke it out against waves of enemy monsters that… More »

Mythborne () ( )

Mythborne PLATFORM Web Browser DEVELOPER R2 Games OVERVIEW This fast-paced battle packed free to play MMO is loosely inspired by Greek mythology and the war that raised between the Titans… More »

Dreadnought () ( , , , , , )

Dreadnought GENRE: Free to play Aerial Armada MOBA PLATFORM: Windows DEVELOPER: Yager Development OVERVIEW In Dreadnought players assume the helm of enormous capital ships and engage in team based aerial… More »

Strife () ( )

GENRE: Free to play MOBA PLATFORM: Windows, Max & Linux DEVELOPER: S2 Games OVERVIEW Strife is a fast-paced action multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), taking classic gameplay from the genre… More »

Air Rivals () ( , , )

Air Rivlas   DEVELOPED BY: MasangSoft PLATFORM: Windows SYNOPSIS [European version of Ace Online] It’s an action based Massive Multiplayer 3D Space Shooter. Players can pilot their own fighter ships… More »

Zoomumba () ( , , )

Zoomumba   Genre: Free to play Browser MMORPG Platform: Internet Browser Developer: Bigpoint Overview in this browser-based free to play MMORPG players take on the role as a zoo director… More »

OGame () ( , , )

OGame GENRE: Free to play MMORTS PLATFORM: Web Browser DEVELOPER: Gameforge OVERVIEW OGame is a free to play MMORTS for Internet Browsers that allows players to know what it feels… More »

Wizard101 (, ) ( , , )

Wizard101 is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game created by KingsIsle Entertainment. Players take on the role of students of witchcraft and wizardry to save the Spiral, the fictional universe… More »

Steel Legions () ( , , )

Steel Legions Genre: Free to play Browser MMORPG Platform: Windows and Internet Browser Developer: Splitscreen Studios Overview in this browser-based free to play MMORPG players are in charge of their… More »

HUNT: Horrors of the Gilded Age () ( )

GENRE: Free to play Third-Person action RPG PLATFORM: Windows DEVELOPER: Crytek OVERVIEW In this action packed free to play multiplayer RPG players must work together in a team of four… More »

Arena of Fate () ( , , )

Arena of Fate GENRE: Free to play MOBA / Action Strategy Game PLATFORM: Windows DEVELOPER: Crytek OVERVIEW Arena of Fate is an action packed MOBA style free to play game… More »

Thirty Kingdoms () ( )

Thirty Kingdoms GENRE: Free to play Empire Strategy MMO PLATFORM: Web Browser DEVELOPER: Bytro Labs OVERVIEW Based on Bytro Labs’ main title Supremacy 1914, Thirty Kingdoms offers a very similar… More »

The Amazing Eternals () ( )

GENRE: Free to play FPS PLATFORM: Windows DEVELOPER: Digital Extremes OVERVIEW A first person hero shooter meets card collecting game, The Amazing Eternals styles itself around classic 70s/80s pulp cinema… More »

Runescape () ( )

GENRE Free to play MMORPG PLATFORM Web Browser DEVELOPER Jagex Ltd OVERVIEW RuneScape is a browser-based fantasy MMORPG set in a mediaeval world of magic and monsters where players step… More »

The Elder Scrolls: Legends () ( , , , )

The Elder Scrolls: Legends GENRE: Free to play Card Collecting PLATFORM: Windows, Android, iOS and Mac DEVELOPER: Bethesda OVERVIEW A free to play CCG set in the world of The… More »

Astro Lords: Oort Cloud () ( )

  GENRE: Free to play Strategy MMO PLATFORM: Web Browser DEVELOPER: Aratog Games OVERVIEW Astro Lords: Oort Cloud is a free to play 3-D space strategy MMO where players are… More »

Entropia Universe () ( )

GENRE: Free to play Virtual World MMORPG PLATFORM: Windows DEVELOPER: Mindark OVERVIEW Step into a futuristic universe as a colonist on a new sci-fi adventure where you are able to… More »