The Elder Scrolls: Legends

The Elder Scrolls: Legends

GENRE: Free to play Card Collecting
PLATFORM: Windows, Android, iOS and Mac


A free to play CCG set in the world of The Elder Scrolls, The Elder Scrolls: Legends allows players to assemble armies from the races and creatures of Tamriel and battle against one another in single player 1 vs 1 battles to earn rewards and ranks. The game allows players to earn in game currency to buy booster packs and build up their deck, or spend real cash to purchase booster packs.


- Hundreds of cards to collect
- Two lane battlefield
- Create decks based on two Abilities
- Ranked and Unranked play
- Arena mode
- Free to play


At its core The Elder Scrolls: Legends offers a lot of similar features to other TCG/CCGs with the mechanics revolving around building a deck of cards, spending Magicka resources each turn to play units cards onto the battlefield or cast Actions and Support cards, and trying to bring your opponents health pool to zero to win the battle. Whilst the main gameplay is the same as other games in the genre there are unique mechanics to the actual battles and deck building that separate it.


There are four main types of card that can be put into a players deck, each card has a Magicka value dictating how much Magicka it costs to play that card on a turn, typically the more Magicka a card costs the more powerful it is:

Unit – These cards take on the face of the races and creatures found in Tamriel, they have an attack value to determine how much damage they can deal to other units or the opponent’s hero, as well as hitpoints to determine how much damage they can take before being killed off and removed from the battlefield. Some units have extra abilities in their description giving them certain traits, such as “Guard” means that enemy units must attack that particular unit before attacking any others or the enemy hero, “Charge” allows a unit to make an attack the moment it is played and a “Summon” trait that triggers an instant action when the card is played.

Action – These cards trigger a single use action such as a Fireball spell to deal damage to all enemies, or an “Arrow to the Knee” to shackle a unit so that it cannot take its turn on the next go.

Support – Support cards work in a similar vein to Action cards in that they grant a boon to the player, typically affecting multiple friendly units at once. Support cards are placed onto the battlefield and give constant benefits, they can be removed by the enemy using specific actions or certain Unit cards.

Item – Single bonuses granted to a unit that will increase their damage, hitpoints or assign them another trait


Each card generally has a single Ability assigned to it: Agility, Strength, Intelligence, Willpower or Endurance, when players create their own deck they can have up to two Ability types, meaning that only cards with this ability can be placed into the deck. Some cards are neutral and can be placed into any deck whereas other more powerful cards can have dual Abilities and require the player to have chosen both Abilities for their deck before these cards can be placed in it.


The battlefield is broken up into two different lanes; in general the left lane is the Field Lane, which has no special rules assigned to it and units entering this lane act as normal. The right lane is the Shadow Lane, when a unit card is placed into this lane it is in cover and cannot be attacked by other units, though can still be targeted by spells. Units in one lane, whether out of cover or not, are unable to attack units in the other lane and so players must think tactically about where they wish to place their cards to try and take advantage of the battlefield.


O/S: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
CPU: Pentium D
Video: Nvidia GeForce 6800


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