GENRE: Free to play CCG
PLATFORM: PC, Mac and mobile devices


Krosmaga is a free to play card collecting game featuring the gods, characters and critters from the popular anime and MMOs created by Ankama, including Wakfu and Dofus. Staying true to the art style, Krosmaga is a beautifully designed title with fantastic artwork that complements the humour of the characters and the genre of the game. Players will learn how to collect and build their battle decks and challenge each other to 1v1 duels across a game board setup in both ranked and unranked play.


- Hundreds of collectable cards
- 8 different God decks
- Famous faces from Dofus and Wakfu
- Strategic unit positioning strategy
- Full deck builder
- Earn and buy card booster packs
- Ranked and Unranked play
- Unlock achievements
- Free to play


Krosmaga combines card deck building and boardgame mechanics where players build up Action Point resources each turn to play randomly drawn cards from their deck; each turn the players Action Point pool replenishes returning all their spent AP and increasing the total pool by one. Players must place various Summon unit cards onto the gameboard or play Spell cards and compete with their opponent trying to destroy each other’s Summons in the hope of reaching the other side of the board to destroy their Dofus’; egg-like trophies that are the key to winning the game. As the players AP pool grows with each turn the longer a battle lasts the more cards that can be played each turn in the later stages with some more powerful, high AP cost cards being available to play. With hundreds of available cards broken down into eight different primary decks and neutral cards, there are a near infinite number of different ways and strategies to try and tactically defeat your rivals.


The game offers two types of card to build up your deck; Summon cards and Spell cards, each having an Action Point cost to be played:

Summon Cards – These cards when played take up a position on the game table and will move down their chosen lane automatically attacking whatever is in their way, they have an attack value, hitpoints, a movement speed and often a trait that adds some extra strategic element such as being able to attack twice, increasing their attack power each turn, boosting other Summons and other tactical aspects

Spell Cards – Unlike Summons these cards, when played, have no physical aspect on the board and instead are instantly played to give an effect similar to a Summon’s trait; healing, damaging, moving Summons around the board, drawing extra cards and other things that are instant effects


There are eight primary deities that can be chosen in the game, each has a cards unique to them that defines their overall playstyle, such as:

The Goddess Cra – The Archer god she focuses on providing Summons that deal long range damage, able to weaken typical enemy melee Summons before they even get close, and can even attack the Dofus from range

The God Sadida – The god of Nature he loves to plant seeds which turn into terrifying animated dolls or bushes that can be placed around the battlefield to summon units directly into them

The God Xelor – The god of Time, creator of the clock, he is the master of slowing down opponents and increasing their costs, able to control night and day his units become more powerful at night


There are a variety of ways to acquire more cards, initially players will earn them from completing tutorials and quests, or earning the basic deck cards when unlocking a new God, they can be acquired from unlocking achievements as well as being purchased using both in-game coins or real cash through microtransactions to buy Booster Packs, which give a random selection of cards of different power for random Gods. The game allows players to recycle the cards that they do not want, need or have duplicates of, which in turn allows them to obtain new items.


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