Closers is a free to play MMO brawler where players can choose from a variety of character classes and duke it out against waves of enemy monsters that have made their way into the world. Using a variety of special abilities and numerous upgrades and equipment players can fight through story-driven PVE stages engaging in exciting cinematic battles or challenging each other to PVP battles.


  • Five unique Closers to choose from

  • Master different combat abilities and combos

  • Challenging PVE stages fighting solo or in co-op

  • PVP Battles for rank and rewards

  • Customize your character with skills and gear

  • Acquire and train pets

  • Story focused questing

  • Free to play


Across the near future world monsters are able to break into our dimension through phase rifts and rein terror on the helpless citizens. Whilst the soldiers of UNION respond to these threats with force, when higher Graded monsters start appearing it’s time to send in the Closers. Teenagers trained to close these phases and battle against the enemies from the other side.


Closers is a fast beat-em-up style platformer where players take on missions and head into stage based zones with their Closer character. Using keyboard controls with arrow keys for movement and a handful of keys for various abilities, players battle through an entire level small section at a time. Within each section the player must battle against the enemies that appear through their rift and defeat them all before they can advance through the level, battling waves of enemies until they final go up against the stage boss. Depending on how fast a player completes the stage, their defense and technique determines what final score they get and in turn the rewards they will receive.

The game focuses on players repeating the same content, able to complete a stage in three increasing difficulties for greater challenge. The game has a Fatigue system where each Closer gains an amount of Character Fatigue after completing a PVE stage as well as Account Fatigue. Once a Closer has maxed out their Character Fatigue they can no longer enter stages and the player must switch to another character; if the Account Fatigue is maxed out then players cannot enter stages with any character until the fatigue resets at set times during the day.

Players can pick up quests and enter stages solo to advance the game’s story line, or they can team up with other Closers and battle through the more challenging stages or Event content in co-op battles.


The game has five closers for players to choose from, with their own combat styles and abilities:

Seha Lee – Able to perform various melee combo attacks and deal tremendous burst damage with his heavy gunblade, he’s an emo teen that lacks motivation to fight for the Black Lambs

Sylvi Lee – A ranged damage dealer with duel dagger wielder, this telekinetic fighter has a moderate Phase power and finds herself as the leader of the Black Lambs ever eager to impress UNION

Yuri Seo – A fast mid-ranged agent who can close the distance to her target in a split-second, she slashes up her enemies with her short blade and then unloads a volley of attacks with her pistol

J – A balanced melee combatant that can move quickly and deals an impressive amount of damage to opponents with his mixed martial arts; an ex-army soldier he has the experience needed to defeat the dimensional monsters

Misteltein – Transferred from Europe to New Seoul, this mid-ranged interceptor can harass enemies using his powerful spear and Phase power abilities that he demonstrated from the moment he was born


Each Closer can acquire or craft various items, gear and consumables to help them in battle, allowing them to equip weapons and armor to improve their stats and make them more powerful in combat. Each Closer has their own skill points system that allow players to enhance specific skills that they prefer to use in combat as part of their own play style.

GENRE: Free to play MMO Brawler


DEVELOPER: Naddic Games


O/S: Windows 7
CPU: Intel/AMD Dual Core
Video: GeForce 7600
Sound: Compatible with DirectX
DirectX Version: 9.0


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