The West

The West

The West is a free-to-play, browser-based MMO from InnoGames

Set in the wild West players can take on the role of a gunslinger, soldier, adventurer or a workman as they embark on this free to play MMORPG in a hunt for adventure, fame and fortune. Cowboy Browser RPG.


Duels can be initiated between two players at almost any time, the defending player does not even need to be online if you wish to challenge them, however hotels, barracks and fort gates where players wait for battles to start a considered to be safe havens and a jewel cannot be initiated. Jules are divided into eight rounds whereby each player has eight opportunities to both land and attack and also dodge their opponents, requiring high attack values and defence values.

Whoever deals the most damage during the dual is declared the winner, if the damage dealt is tied then victory goes to the defender. When an opponent loses all their health during the dual they pass out and the other player is declared the winner.


towns act as social hubs within the game and players can work together to settle the frontier and build up long-standing towns, the placement of each building giving some benefits to the players. Players can only be a member of one town at a time but they are free to switch to other towns after a brief period of downtime upon leaving a previous town. When a town loses all its members then it becomes a ghost town and buildings begin to shut down and no benefits can be gained from them.

If the ghost town is revitalised, which costs about as much money as settling a new town, then all the old buildings return back to use and have retained their previous levels.

Player Bounties

Players are able to place bounties upon other players had either for fun, profit or seeking revenge on those players that have done wrong by you. Players are able to choose the amount of cash that will be placed on the bounty and given it as a reward to the player who collects it, this amount is taken from your on hand cash or bank account if none is available. Fees have to be paid to place a bounty whereas the rest of the bounty goes directly to the player and can only be handed in once they have defeated a wanted person in a duel.

Premium Players

premium accounts can be purchased with gold nuggets, that in itself requires a new purchase with real world cash. There are five different premium accounts, each offering a different selection of books and cooldown timers to make gameplay a little more comfortable when playing. The ongoing effects available with a premium account are “more energy”, “high income”, “character bonus” and “automation”, the immediate premium effects is “reset inventory trader”. Some worlds have an expanded premium which have an additional five premium features: “halve waytime”, “buy products”, “deposit cash” and “placate Shaman”. Finally some worlds have all the above and another two additional premium features: “energy refill” and “by skill points”.

Gold nuggets are applied to your account and can be spent on any of the world’s that you are currently playing on, any spent gold nuggets will be taken from your account pool.

System Requirements

Internet connection


InnoGames GmbH


Internet Browsers


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