F2PMeter: Is The West Truly Free to Play?

The West sees players taking the role of a gunslinger cowboy in The Old West. Developed by InnoGames, this browser-based game allows players to align themselves to a Town and compete with other rival players as they develop their character.

The developers say that it is free to play, so let’s put it through the F2PMeter and find out if they’re right!
Does the game require an initial purchase?


To play the game players do not need to make any payment.

Does the game require any continued paid subscription?

'No (pero...)' takes away 10%

There are no compulsory subscriptions to play, but there are time based purchased advantages such as boosts that last 14 days. There are numerous single purchase boosts or an accumulated VIP boost that gives access to all boosts in the game.

Does the game require spending money on DLC packs or expansions?


The game has no Expansions or DLC.

Does the game support micro-transactions? Can anything be purchased in-game using real world money?

'Yes' takes away 5%

Players can purchase Nuggets premium currency which is the primary shop currency along with Union Pacific Bonds that can be earned through gameplay. Some shops, particularly Town shops, use the earned Dollars currency for buying items such as gear and weapons, however, players can purchase premium chests which give access to higher quality items than stores typically sell.

Do any of the micro-transactions give players an advantages?

'Yes (but...)' takes away 5%

Whilst nuggets do provide a major advantage, as well as convenience perks, a lot of items can only be purchased with alternative play-to-earn currency such as Dollars (the primary currency from quests that is spent in player Towns for weapons and gear). Similarly Veteran points can only be earned through playing the game, so items and chests within the Veteran Shop cannot be purchased with cash.

Is the user interface customization restricted to paid options?


The UI cannot be customized.

Does the game give access to all available classes and/or races?

'ANSWER' takes away XX%

The game doesn’t have any classes or races, but does allow full appearance customization.

Does the game require have limitations to how the 'Auction House' /Market/Trade system is accessed?


Players are free to buy and sell items through the Auction.

Are personal inventory and/or bank slots limited at all?


Players are able to carry as many items as they like and bank as much money as they wish.

Are all dungeons and zones accessible without purchases?


Players are not restricted by any pay-only areas.

Does the game restrict high endgame content (PVE, Raids or PvP)?


All high level content is accessible without any cash payments.

Can the game be fully enjoyed without ever having to spend a ‘penny’?

'Yes' adds 10%

The game supplies players with plenty to do for free. Outside of the hardcore competitive scene (where players do rely on spending cash a little more to stay competitive) there’s plenty of ways to play the game and plenty of features for all levels. Even the Adventure game mode, which can team low level players up with higher level players, still gives players the chance to be integral to a teams win (as long as the teams are balanced with the same number of high and low level players). Joining a Town will allow players to surround themselves with plenty of help and so makes spending cash less of a necessity.


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