EA Sports FIFA World

EA Sports FIFA World


GENRE: Free to play Football MMO


Fifa World and brings classic console gameplay to the PC in this action packed free to play football MMO from EA Canada, with crisp graphics, easy to pick up gameplay and a wide variety of customisation options, giving players the chance to create their own Ultimate Team.


- Build your own Ultimate Team from thousands of different players from world Leagues
- Full Fifa licensing for real world players and clubs
- Play against other players in leagues and tenements
- Buy, sell and trade players.
- Show off your fancy footwork with skill moves and celebrations
- Full management over your team
- Free to play MMO


In Fifa World players are able to manage their own football team and play on the pitch as the players like a classic version of the console games, rendered in high-quality graphics with stunning fast-paced gameplay, using the keyboard and mouse. With a huge selection of real-world players and clubs to choose from players will compete against each other Leagues and Tournaments, working towards earning rewards, titles, cups and Team of the Week.


All players (footballers) within the game are rated from bronze, silver and gold, with gold players being the highest ranked and having the best stats and performance on the field, these stats are often gained from the real world “in form” players and their actual performance.

Players have a variety of attributes that are important such as their Pace, Shooting, Passing, Dribbling, Defending and Heading, as well as the Goalkeeper having their own unique attributes.

Simply putting a team together made up of your favourite players isn’t always the most successful option, Position and Formation play an important role as well as the Chemistry between players, each player having a Chemistry value between themselves and their nearby squad mates. This Chemistry is based on whether the player is in his preferred playing position and formation, his own nationality, and many other things, that must be considered by a manager.


Here players are able to select a team that they would like to play with and go through a classic Seasons style League gameplay, playing as their favourite teams and working their way up the game’s leaderboard.


In this mode, players can earn, buy, sell and transfer some of the greatest names in football to build up their own unique club squad focused on the style of gameplay and football each player prefers, whether that be a defensively focused team, all-out attack or a nice balance where team cohesiveness counts. With a live transfer market in operation 24/7 . New players are constantly added based on their individual player performances and the in game shop offers limited time special packs for players to purchase to boost their team.


Each week the Team of the Week is updated in Ultimate Team mode, a team filled with “in-form” players that are in the game already, but giving them boosted stats based on the week’s best real-world footballers and how they performed in real life that week. This team can be challenged to earn the player extra Match Credits, playing them from Amateur level to Legendary to earn more coins.


In this malt players can play through 14 Single Player Tournaments, which come with a number of different requirements for your own squad, a range of difficulties and different rewards that are available. A number of tournaments can be accessed from the beginning, but others must be unlocked by the player as they progress through the game.

Tournaments are made up of 16 different clubs, the players own club and 15 AI controlled clubs, and the player must simply try to make their way through the tournament, also giving players the chance to try out new team formations with any available clubs and players that they may then wish to try out in the League Team Mode against other real-world players.


Match Credits are used up when players compete in any tournaments and leagues, spending these credits with each match and if the player runs out they are unable to keep playing and must either wait for them to replenish over time or purchase them from the in game store using real-world cash. Winning a game will add to your Match Credits, as well as playing consecutive matches, encouraging players to stay in the game, as well as when a team is promoted.


O/S: Windows XP SP3 1GB / Windows Vista / Windows 7
CPU: Dual Core CPU
Video: GeForce 6600GT / Radeon X1600 XT / Intel GMA X4500
Sound: Compatible with DirectX
DirectX Version: 9.0c


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