Arena of Fate

Arena of Fate

GENRE: Free to play MOBA / Action Strategy Game


Arena of Fate is an action packed MOBA style free to play game from Crytek that takes a number of features from classic MOBA games and ads their own spin on the genre, cutting down extended match times and waiting in the game to keep combat fast and fresh.


- Planned 30 characters at release from fiction, history and mythology
- Unique three lane map
- Choose your own role for each map
- Level up your character in the field with traits and abilities
- Fast team based PVP combat
- Free to play


A classic MOBA – Action Strategy where players will work together in 5 v 5 battles, playing as, and competing against, a variety of famous faces. With time restricted games lasting 20 minutes. Players will rush to try and complete their objectives by destroying the enemy bases tower, racking up points throughout the battle by destroying lane towers and killing enemy players. The fast-paced action combined with the time sensitive matches, as well as a number of other features that keep players in the battlefield, creates a relentless fight for a full match. With little time to catch a breather until one side is the victor.


In the future humanity is at peril and buy some mystical way characters from all walks of fiction, history and mythology are brought to life to battle against each other in an attempt to save the world and all we know.


The characters available in the game are some of the most iconic characters from fantasy fiction, mythology, and are very own history, broken down into various class types from casters, ranged attackers, tanks, assassins and more. Each character comes with their own background fluff, unique abilities and fighting style:

Robin Hood – The hero of Sherwood Forest this ranged Archer is a deadly long ranged combatants striking from the shadows. When players least expect it

Joan of Arc – the Maid of Orléans is an ideal ally to have around, acting as a perfect support class able to heal herself and her allies in battle. As well as using the light to damage her opponents

Fenrir - the powerful giant wolf from Norse mythology, this powerful creature uses strength and brute force as well as his mastery of fire to show his opponents how he killed the father of the gods Odin himself

Tesla - Nikola Tesla comes packing with some exceptionally shocking lab equipment, managing to tame, electricity he can deal damage to multiple opponents as well as being able to teleport


Individual characters are not defined by a single role, with players being able to choose their preferred style of play. At the beginning of the game, such as focusing on taking out towers as a Sieger or a classic tank Breaker, with this customisation players can stick with the character that they love and know what’s trying out different roles with each different match, creating a wide variety of different hybrids/roles to explore.


The map is made up of a classic three lane map, lined with enemy and allied sentry towers, however only two of these lanes link the bases together with the third central lane offering a different objective that leads to a unique tower that, if controlled, debuffs the oppositions lane towers, adding a new strategy to the game.


Combat is fast and action packed, classic to most MOBA style games, however with a limited timeframe on an individual map returning back to base to heal or upgrade your character is an ideal and so players instead of purchasing items from a shop to upgrade can instead upgrade their character directly in the field, choosing from a wide variety of perks and traits to give them better defences, attacks, abilities and more.

As well as this players are always able to passively regenerate their health. When in their own controlled territory (where a lane tower is located), meaning that a team and being pushed back has the benefit of being closer to their healing zone as opposed to an aggressive advancing team that must return back to their half of the map where their towers are to heal.


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