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  • Arena of Fate Gameplay Trailer
  •   Have you ever dreamed of being Robin Hood or Joan of Arc? Well, Crytek's upcoming free-to-play MOBA Arena of Fate allows you to fulfill your dreams. And today a brand-new video has been released showing gameplay footage. Exciting 5vs5 battles with legendary characters. If you are...
  • First Impressions on Arena of Fate
  • First Impressions on Arena of Fate This weekend we tested Arena of Fate (probably you already watched our first look video), so here we are with our first impressions on the game, currently still in its “Technical Alpha” (though probably not for much longer). As a new player it was a...
  • Crytek will unveil 2 new projects at E3 2014
  •   E3 2014 is almost here and rumours run. We've known that Crytek will apparently reveal two new games at this year's E3. And one of them is possibly a new MOBA game. The first one is totally uknown, codenamed Project Grave. And the second one is called Arena of Fate, a free to play...


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  1. Fabian October 8, 2014 at 11:02 PM -

    On voit tout de suite ceux qui ne lisent pas les atilcres ! Il est e9crit que pour participer il faut remplir le mini formulaire. Et vous pouvez doubler vos chances via Twitter

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