Might and Magic Heroes Online

GENRE: Free to play MMORPG
PLATFORM: Web Browser


Rise up as a mighty Hero in Ubisofts’ newest RPG meets tactical combat strategy MMO, construct your own town and develop buildings to train up a powerful Troops, waged war upon your enemy in battles where you control an entire army. This strategy based free to play MMO combines classic RPG storytelling with tactical turn-based battles on gridded battle maps, with exceptional graphics, narrative and atmospheric music score the game is fully accessible to play through your web browser.


- Strategic combat
- Train, manage and customise your own army from dozens of troops
- Two different factions to choose from: Haven and Necropolis
- Play as two different Heroes of Might or Magic
- Build up your own town
- Play against challenging AI or against real world players
- Free to play game
- Browser-based gameplay


There are two primary factions that players can join:

Necropolis - known as the House Eterna that became a major political power that worshipped the Death aspect of Asha, the Goddess and creator of all, and practice the ability of necromancy and how to raise the dead and control them in their armies of zombies and skeletons

Haven - The Holy Empire were ship the Dragon God of Light, Elrath, and with his benevolent light they seek out corruption and evil such as that seen in the beings of the Necropolis, as they try to shape the world into their deities image.

Depending on the faction that a player joins will largely define the story arc that the player follows through the various quests in the game, also given the different aspects and beliefs of these factions the types of Troops that players will recruit into their army as well as the types of combat they will engage in (e.g. the Necropolis focusing on returning their undead minions back into the fight, whereas the Haven Heroes use their light to heal their Troops).


Each faction has two aspiring Heroes that players can select, though only one character slot is available players can unlock other slots using Seals (the games premium currency). Players have access to a Hero of Might that focuses on command and relying on their huge army, such as Havens Knight or the Necropolis Death Knight. Alternatively players can choose from a Hero of Magic, these Heroes use various spells to deal direct damage to their enemies and can perform actions multiple times in a single round, these two heroes are the Haven Cleric and the Necropolis Necromancer.


From the very beginning of the game players will be able to take on different types of quests, story driven quests that will progress the epic story arc of the war between the two factions and will also unlock new areas and provinces. There are also Daily Quests that can be repeated each day to gain extra benefits and bonuses such as resources, experience points, seals and more.


An important aspect of the game is a players Town, their own personal area that they rule over and are able to construct a variety of necessary buildings that will enable them to recruit new Troops into their armies as well as the resources required to build them. As players level up they will gain access to new buildings that they can constructs as well as being able to upgrade them.

Depending on the building that has been created players will gain access to different Troops, from stock Core Troops that will swell the numbers in an army as well as the Elite and Champion units that have more powerful abilities, but are limited in the number that can be fielded at any one time.


Combat takes on a turn-based approach, each Troop within both the players and opponents armies taking their own personal order in the combat queue, adding considerably more diverse strategy and tactics to combat as opposed to players being able to perform actions with their entire army. Combat consists of moving units around a hex based map, taking advantage of position as well as the unique attributes of their troops in the hope of destroying all of their enemies forces.

Players can either play solo or invite friends to join them in their battle, battles are skilled automatically to take into account the possibly differing levels between players and their Heroes and will adjust enemies automatically.


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