GENRE: Free to play MOBA
PLATFORM: Windows, Max & Linux


Strife is a fast-paced action multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), taking classic gameplay from the genre and modifying handful of key mechanics to set the game apart from other MOBA titles and offering up a new experience. The game is available on multiple platforms and is completely free to play with premium currency options.


- 20 Unique Characters to choose from
- Unique Karma system to encourage good gameplay and sportsmanship
- New mechanics such as shared last hit gold and out of combat health regen
- Exciting three lane arena
- Fast-paced action combat
- Fantasy themed MOBA
- Companion pets that fight alongside you
- Free to play game


The core of Strife is similar to many other traditional MOBA games utilising the classic three lane battle map, defend it with towers and patrolled by waves of minions as players fight in team based combat to push into the opposing enemies territory and destroy their base. As players fight in a match they will gain XP and level up their character (max level 15), which increases a variety of their stats making them more powerful in combat, though at the end of the game or characters are reset to level 1 in preparation for the next match.


Whilst the Heroes don’t have specific roles that they must play, they can be filtered/categorised by handful of Primary Attributes, which in turn make some Heroes better at some default rules in comparison to others e.g. high defences make them better tanks. The five categories are Attack Damage, Ability Damage, Survivability, Crowd Control and Support, with 20 Heroes to select many will fall into multiple Attributes depending on their abilities.

Minerva - Focusing mostly on Attack Damage and Ability Damage depending on her build she can be a classic burst damage type assassin, a hybrid tank or a utility based Roma/Scout was such abilities such as Cyber Store to deal high amounts of damage when behind an enemy

Bo - Balanced between Ability Damage, Survivability and Crowd Control this aggressive melee hero can balance between being a pure Tank, or a Power role utilising and mana and powerful attacks at the expense of having low defences


Players are able to acquire pets and take them into the arena, each of which performs different active and passive abilities and can be more than simply an assistant to help bring down any players. Pets such as Luster focus primarily on ensuring players get extra gold, with attacks focused on damaging non-hero opponents (minions which are usually farmed for gold) as well as an attack that if a player misses a Killing Blow that would normally give them gold Lustre gets it for them. Bounder is a sheep/ram pet that boosts players more ability allowing them to move quicker by default as well as having a triggered ability to allow players to sprint for a short period.


With alternate objectives in the battle players can try to take down either Cindara or Baldir, the two neutral bosses in the middle of the map. If the team manages to kill Baldir then they will gain a huge boost in gold and experience, whereas Cindara’s fall give players control over Krytos, a huge Sentinel that will push down the lane and disable enemy defences giving players the chance to push into the base.


After each match players are able to make positive, negative or no actions against other players from the match based off how they feel the player conducted themselves in the game as an attempt to allow the community to police behaviour. Players gain a reputation score that is visible by the rest of the community, and whilst there are rules and systems in place to avoid exploitation, the system only really serves to show other players whether someone is a jerk or not.


O/S: Win XP SP3, Mac OS X 10.7, Linux
CPU: Dual-core Intel or AMD 2.4GHz
Video: Nvidia GeForce 8600, AMD Radeon HD 2600, Intel HD 2000 or higher


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