Khan Wars

Khan Wars

GENRE: Free to play Strategy
PLATFORM: Web Browser


Khan Wars is a free to play base building strategy where players must manage their resources and time to build up an efficient and productive territory and field their own trained army as they compete against other players and intelligent AI opponents in strategic warfare. The game is completely free to play and can be accessed through your web browser after an account registration.


- Exciting combat strategy
- Construct your own base
- Engage other players in diplomacy, trade and PvP combat
- Complete quest
- Compete for ranking
- Free to play
- Browser-based gameplay


With its mediaeval setting the game focuses on in-depth combat and battling for new territory as well as offering diplomatic and trade options for players to create their own alliances. By becoming a self-sustaining Empire players can construct buildings and recruit soldiers as they compete in round based battles, which reset regularly to crown new champions.


There are a number of key buildings in the game that players must focus on constructing:

Dwellings - these buildings increase a player’s population within their Castle, the populous is important as it can be distributed into other buildings such as mines and blacksmith’s to increase the resource production rate of those buildings

Resource Buildings - ranging from Gold Mines, Iron Mines, Lumberjacks and Farms, these buildings will allow the player to build up their stores of resources, used to construct more buildings or upgrade them as well as crafting items and training soldiers

Unit Buildings- no Castle is safe without its own army, the Barracks allows players to train up Archery and Infantry units ranging from Pikemen, Swordsman, Longbow Archers and Crossbow Archers. The Stables allows the training of Cavalry units such as Quickwalkers, Light Cavalry and even Archer Cavalry. The Workshop allows the construction of various Siege Machines such as Battering Rams, Catapults and Trebuchets.

There are a wide variety of other buildings such as the Marketplace to sell resources to other players or trade them into your own stores, the Infirmary to revive unit is lost in battle, the Wall to increase a Castles defences and many more. Each building will have its own rank that improves its quality and overall output, as well as this many buildings require other buildings to be both constructed and upgraded to a specific level as a prerequisite.


Combat is the main priority in the game, as much as players can produce resources and trade with other players this is all to enable training of units and weapons to raise a powerful army. Battle is comprised of both an Attacker and a Defender, the Attacker launching an assault on their opponents territory with their assembled Battle with their assembled Battle Units and take out the defending troops; if successful the Attacker will steal resources from the Defenders Castle.

Battles consist of up to 12 rounds where each group in the battle makes their attack against the enemy, with all units making a single attack each round; this continues until the Attacker killed all the enemy units (Victory), the Defender kills all the attacking units (Defeat) or until the maximum number of rounds is reached (Draw). Combat is completely automated once initiated and the results are determined by calculation is based off the two sides army strength, determined by unit numbers, types and upgrades.


Throughout the game players will constantly be given quests that will guide them towards developing their Castle and in turn rewarding them with Credits, Resources, Troops, Items and even VIP time for their account. Players also have Daily Rewards for logging in on consecutive days give players a small boost for their commitment to the game.


For competitive players the Ranking system comes in various forms, Player Ranking is based directly on a players personal Experience, Clan Ranking is determined by all of a clan members’ constructed Castles earning points at each power providing the Castle is over at level 5 (with more points being earned the higher the Castles rank).

Alternatively players can play towards the Weekly Rankings that will show the top 10 players in the four different categories: Attacker (kill the most population as an attacker), Defender (killed the most population has a defender), Steal (stolen the most resources during attacks) and Build (spent the most resources on buildings). There is also a Decorated Player where players earn medals for being in the top three of any Weekly Ranking.


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  1. Melvina July 20, 2016 at 1:56 AM -

    It’s really great that people are sharing this inotimafron.

  2. dpsilva April 25, 2017 at 1:58 PM -

    I played khanwars until 2015 and now i wanted to restart but i can’t open it. Is it still possible to play?

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