Lady Popular Free to play Fashion MMO Cross-platform

Lady Popular

Lady Popular

In Lady Popular cross-platform MMO free to play game that is marketed towards females, players are able to control and customise their “Lady” avatar, designing them with a number of available facial features, hairstyles, make up, fashion items and more. With a casual and basic graphical user interface it doesn’t take long to pick up the controls and venture into your new online life as a fashionista. Play on your browser, iOS and Android devices.


With thousands of different skirts, dresses, shirts, rings, shoes, necklaces and a variety of other unique accessories available to players allowing them to fully customise their own “Lady” as they wish in a variety of different styles and themes with over 16 million possible combinations. Players can switch between expensive designer chic clothing or themed outfits such as Catwoman, Cleopatra and an Arabian style.

Get Around Town

There are a variety of different vocations that players are able to visit:

Tattoo Shop: go get yourself inked with a new tattoo

The Disco: meet up with other players and become a true dance floor diva

The Library: learn new skills and abilities and increase your Lady’s IQ level

The Gym: make sure you can always fit into those skinny jeans

The Mall: go shopping for all different kinds of accessories and clothes

Cosmetic Studio: The place to go If you need a bit of extra lift in your face or lips plumping

Much More: take a jog in the scenic park, get yourself a pet, visit the doctors, bank and even start your own career before retiring through the evening in your own apartment

Become a Pet Owner

Get your own pet, anything from the cute and cuddly to your own loyal dog. It isn’t only your character that you can customise as there is a huge variety of pet clothing and customisation options available for your furry friends with new accessories added every month.

Become a Home Owner

Work your way up in your own career and even snag yourself a rich boyfriend, both of which will allow you to purchase an apartment or villa and have the ability to decorate it and customise it with wallpaper, carpets, furniture and lamps.

 System Requirement

Internet Browser, iOS and Android


Web: Lady Popular Fashion MMO Free-to-play

Genre: Free to play Fashion MMO
Platform: Internet Browser - Moblie devices iOS and Android - Cross-platform MMO
Developed By: XS Software



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