Battle for Gea

GENRE: Free to play MMO TCG
PLATFORM: Web Browser
DEVELOPER: Iron Belt Studios


Battle for Gea is a free to play trading card game MMO that allows players to lead the various armies in a fantasy themed strategic MMO where they will face enemy opponents in the form of players from all over the world and intelligent computer enemies. With full deck customisation options, the ability to buy and sell cards and story driven campaigns game is packed full of features.


- Over 300 unique cards with ongoing expansions
- 10 available armies
- In-depth strategy gameplay
- Card trading and merchant facilities
- Campaigns and tournaments
- Free to play
- Browser-based gameplay


A battle between the key factions and their armies over the lands of Gea, a war that dates back to the beginning of time itself, the battle between good and evil, Angels and Demons has long been kept separate from the immortals of the world, protected by The Veil that kept the two realms separate. At the destruction of The Veil the world was thrown into chaos and war ensued for total control of Gea itself.


Players take on the role of Generals commanding one of the many armies that now fight for Gea, unlocking various cards to build up their own personal deck players will have to use tactics quick strategic thinking to overcome her opponents in turn based battles.


Cards that players can collect come in three key types:

Generals - Each army is led by a single General, this hero has its own Morale score, Command Points score and unique ability that affects all units in the army without the General actively fighting themselves

Support - Similar to the General, this Support card gives its passive abilities to the units in the battle without making any attacks or defending

Combat Units - Divided between different types of units; Cavalry, Collosus, Infantry and Projectiles, these cards are responsible for fighting directly against the enemy forces, each card has a Strength value, a Damage value and one or more combat abilities


Each duel is fought between two players, each of which have a single General and Support card as well as for Combat Unit cards. The Combat Unit cards are place in a specific formation with cards on the front line and one card on the rearguard, typically cards on the front line and can only attack or defend against the card that is positioned directly in front of them, however rearguard cards are able to defend against any attacking enemy unit.


Each turn players make an attack on the enemy, selecting one of their cards based off their positioning, abilities and strength score. The defending player will choose one of their available cards to defend (of though the attacking player does not know which card is drawn at first) and gold cards and a one-on-one duel; the winner of the duel is the card that has the highest strength, the winning card then deals its Damage value in the player Generals is morale pool. When a General has no more morale left they have lost the battle.


The key strategy to the game is enhancing a cards strength prior to the fight, which can be done in many different ways. Initially players can weigh up the various abilities that an individual Combat Unit card has as well as any abilities gained from Generals and Support cards to get a good idea of the possible outcome of an attack. Players also have the ability to spend Combat Points from the Generals pool to multiply and attackers Strength value, the Strength is multiplied directly by the number of Combat points and spent e.g. spending three Combat points on a Strength of five will result in an attack Strength value of 15.


Players can earn various currencies through playing campaigns and battling against each other that they can then use to buy Booster Packs and Decks to fill out their collection and then combine various cards to create a powerful deck to take into battle. As the game is free to play currency can either be earned through gameplay purchased using real-world money.


Web Browser


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