HUNT: Horrors of the Gilded Age

GENRE: Free to play Third-Person action RPG


In this action packed free to play multiplayer RPG players must work together in a team of four work as they hunt down monsters of myth and legend, using their fully customisable arsenals as a head through a variety of different environments all beautifully rendered by the powerful Crytek Engine.


- Four player Co-op
- Plenty of exciting and dangerous environments
- Deadly creatures and intelligent horrific Bosses
- Customise your character’s look and skills
- Personalise your loadout and weaponry
- Crytek Engine graphics
- Free to play


It is the 1800s and the world is on the brink of technological breakthrough, verging on the Machine Age, this progression is jeopardised by the emergence of dark and sinister creatures once thought to be nothing more than those of myth and legend. As the world unknowingly faces a global economic collapse as these creatures rise from the shadows there are those that know better, those who know the truth, those who are willing to put themselves in danger and hold the darkness at bay and face off against some of the most twisted and evil creatures unknown to man.


Players must work together in a team of four, a heart stopping co-op shooter that has thrills, drama and action as players hunt down enemies as well as being hunted themselves. Working their way through a variety of different maps, scenarios, monstrous creatures and facing deadly cinematic bosses with their advanced AI will provide a challenge for even the best hunters.

With scaleable combat players can play with anything from one player up to the four (with no AI options), with combat growing progressively harder the more players in the team, however, with some of the unique mechanics for bosses it creates a real challenge for a solo player that may have them looking for friends to join them.


The world is a dark and sinister place, covered in shadow and these gathered hunters are the light as the venture into untold terrain ranging from murky swamp like bayous, creepy cemeteries, abandoned run down villages and any other murky locales that evil could dwell. Each of these places is brought to life with the fantastic graphical capabilities of the Crytek Engine, shadows, flickering lights, rippling water to suggest something dwells beneath the surface and more will all add to the atmospheric experience of the game.

With a content generation system the maps and enemies that the team will come across can be different every time, meaning players don’t know what to expect and giving an extensive replayability factor.


Players will get a number of randomly generated missions, everything from looking for clues to lead to the big primary objective big boss and uncovering new items and scenes to unlock in game sub quests. The bosses that the players must hunt down are in many ways based on folklore, myths and other stories, some are a mix of relatively linear stories with an obvious objective to more branching/sandbox missions.


With dozens of guns, apparel, modifications and items players can customize their loadouts and homebrew their weapons when they head into battle as well as having character customisation options with a variety of skills and outfits to make every party member distinct look and feel from each other that suits the players preferences. Play everything from a Van Helsing style hunter with a crossbow, tool up with a Wild West style six shooter or embrace technology and use the secrets of electricity and even flamethrowers.

Players need to be careful with their ammo, whilst it packs a real punch and drops standard enemies quickly it takes time to reload your slow firing weapons and your ammo is also limited, and no one wants to be found alone with no ammo.


When players die in the game they respawn randomly somewhere on the map, sometimes locked in a room, or trapped in a coffin or tied upside down to a post in the middle of the swamp and the team needs to locate them to free them up.


Currently Unknown


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