Astro Lords: Oort Cloud


GENRE: Free to play Strategy MMO
PLATFORM: Web Browser
DEVELOPER: Aratog Games


Astro Lords: Oort Cloud is a free to play 3-D space strategy MMO where players are based on an asteroid that they are able to control, ruling over their asteroid base as an Astro Lord. Players must build up their bases, gather minerals, construct buildings and build up a military to defend their territory and invade other Lords asteroids or fight against other alien AI races. The game itself is a browser-based MMO and so players can enjoy it on their PC or Mac client or as a mobile app.


- Space based MMO
- Constructs your own asteroid base as an Astro Lord
- Gather valuable minerals and advance your people
- Build up an impressive futuristic military
- Fight against other players and advanced AI
- Learn new skills and abilities to help you in your mission
- Real time strategy combat on a mass scale
- Browser-based gameplay available on mobile devices
- Free to play


Long ago, way back before many can remember, during the time when mankind had only just begun to explore the stars a single asteroid came in close proximity to Earth, close enough to send up a research probe that discovered an energy source that would forever change the course of humanities own progress. The Runes. These unknown energy sources were believed to be created by some ancient race, with little information about them they were simply named the Forerunner Race.

Scientific advancement exploded and soon Earth was able to progress its technological capabilities to the point where soon it was exploring the solar system in greater detail, for whilst mankind had learned how to harness the power of these Runes, they were still unable to recreate them for themselves and once a Rune had been used it would disintegrate and be lost forever.

The humans headed deeper into space and discovered the Oort Cloud, an obscure location that had a high quantity of Runes within it and quickly became the site of many expeditions as huge conglomerates for amongst themselves to gain a monopoly on these valuable resources. Wars broke out, those rich enough to own their own spaceship declared independence and many declared themselves Lords of the asteroids within the cloud, building up their own mining operations and military bases to exploit the resources and Runes within the Oort Cloud.


Astro Lords have full dominion over their own asteroid base, which is the prime source of powerful minerals that they can extract from the rock using their factories, which in turn will produce ship components and ammunition to help them defend their territories. This primary base can be raided by rival Lords, but they will never be able to fully capture it, though players are able to control up to 5 neutral asteroids that can be fought over and claimed by new owners in battle.


The asteroid bases exist within the Oort Cloud, once a player has mastered certain skills they are able to move and direct their asteroid to move between more mineral rich nebula, seek out potential rival targets and claim their own minerals, launch trade expeditions and more. Exploring the cloud will reveal new enemies, both players and enemy AI aliens, and both players and the AI are able to perform attacks, raids and pirate trade lanes in search of more minerals.


Combat within the game takes place in real time, often with multiple opponents offering up exciting mass multiplayer battles, particularly in the Arena where players can fight against the alien races and other Astro Lord players. Players can jump in and out of these battles freely whenever they wish, alternatively they are able to put their armies in the control of a General who is able to fight as determined by their equipment and skill level.


Each Astro Lord has control of up to 6 in game hero AI generals, which they are able to progress, acquire new skills and level up as well as being given access to their own ship. The ships are fully customisable with armour all, weapons, armour, officers, artefacts and of course Runes.


Web Browser


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