GENRE: Free to play Aerial Armada MOBA
DEVELOPER: Yager Development


In Dreadnought players assume the helm of enormous capital ships and engage in team based aerial armada battles where each player controls their own behemoth in strategic and methodical matches. The game is free to play and boasts five unique classes for players to choose, each of which can be customized to change both the cosmetic and functionality of the ship to completely change how it plays.


  • Control huge capital ships

  • Slow and steady strategy leading to intense armada firefights

  • Five ship classes with numerous sub-classes

  • Full customization of mods and skills

  • Team based PVP

  • Multiple maps and game modes


With slower movement in comparison to traditional “fighter” based space shooters in Dreadnought players must consider positioning, cover and forward planning before entering any engagements that they won’t be able to quickly escape. The game revolves around 5v5 team based battles where game objectives focus on destroying all the enemy capital ships using teamwork.


Players can choose to play as five different classes, each class has numerous ships that players can control:

  • Dreadnought – The biggest of the Capital Ships, it is slow, heavily armored with powerful shields and is the spearhead for any assault being on the forward line, though it lacks a lot of offensive functionality it can be equipped with broadside battery cannons or even the ability to launch automated fighter ships

  • Artillery Cruiser – This thin, mile long ship resembles a flying sniper rifle, and with good cause; capable of dealing devastating damage to enemies it is a traditional rear line long ranged attacker that is particularly vulnerable with its defenses

  • Destroyer – Having a more balanced offense and defense the Destroyer lacks the damage output of the Artillery Cruiser and the armor of the Dreadnought, but neither does it assume their weaknesses and so is an ideal candidate for new Captains

  • Tactical Cruiser – The primary support ship capable of bolstering its allies and using its ranged lasers to either heal up any ally targets, or deal damage to any targeted enemies; it is capable enough to get in the middle of a battle and heal from close to the front line, but requires lots of caution

  • Corvette – Mobile, fast and lightly armored, the Corvette is the perfect ship to use its abilities and fancy skill maneuvers to get into the action, deal some damage, and then get back out before taking too much damage; Corvette captains needs to be brave, bold and a little crazy


Each ship can have four different weapon modules that assign four different skills to be used in battle on the 1-4 keys, each key represents an area of the ship and so only certain modules can be placed there. Individual classes and their sub-classes can be change drastically depending on the choice of modules such as a Corvette scout ship can be equipped with a cloaking device to make it invisible to the enemy, get behind enemy lines and attack from the rear with missiles then escape using Afterburners. Alternatively that same ship can be equipped with a Blink device where ships teleport a short distance, then using a module that enable as 180 flip to face the other direction it means a Corvette can be more aggressive, blink to the other side of a ship and attack it, then rinse and repeat as it turns to face them.


There are a variety of maps in the game where the general layout and terrain will greatly impact the type of strategy and maneuvers a team will put into action; ranging from battles in a planets’ atmosphere and low to the ground, weaving through huge open valleys or above snowy mountain peaks. Alternatively battles can take you battle up in space circling a formidable space station or having to navigate the tricky terrain of an asteroid field.


There are two primary game modes currently in the game:

  • Team Deathmatch – Both teams of five are tasked with destroying the enemy player Capital Ships, when a ship is destroyed the player can only spectate on their teammates

  • Elimination – As above, however, when a player’ Capital Ship is destroyed the player returns to the battle in a small fighter ship, still able to harass and try to bring down the remaining enemy capital ships. Fighters are smaller, more agile, but far weaker offensively and defensively, and with each death in a fighter the ship itself grows weaker.


Currently Unknown


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