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  • Dreadnought Enters Open Beta on PS4
  •   Free to play space armada shooter meets MOBA Dreadnought has just entered Open Beta on PlayStation 4. This new phase brings two new maps and night variations. Additionally, PS4 users can download for free new themes and a console-exclusive ship: Hactar Hero. Watch the open beta...
  • Dreadnought Enters Open Beta on PC
  •   Free to play Space shooter Dreadnought goes into Open Beta today. Players can now download the game and check it out. The launch of the Open Beta brings a new map and night variations for two existing ones. The new map, Ixion, is the biggest map yet. It's set 60,000 km above Saturn's...
  • Dreadnought PC Closed Beta Keys Giveaway
  •   If you like huge space ships you'll love this giveaway. We are giving you the opportunity to get a key to access Dreadnought's Closed Beta on PC. In this free to play online team-based shooter players get to captain huge capital ships and battle against each other. Simply follow...


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    Dreadnought PC Closed Beta Keys Giveaway